pain with crohns

by john c

i have crohn's disease and am 21 years old. i was wondering if it is normal for my stomach to hurt very frequently even if i am not having inflimation?

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Pain with Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing frequent pain. Sadly, when you have Crohn's disease, it can be fairly aggressive and unpredictable and as you are experiencing, can quite simply make your life hell. The temptation to take many painkillers can be quite overwhelming just to help ease the continual pain; however, painkillers can do more harm than good.

If you are on medication that is not helping you, I would strongly suggest that you go back to your doctor or specialist for another appointment and to discuss these continual symptoms. You should not ignore pain. It may be that the medication you are on is not working and you need to try something different, this happens to a lot of people. Sadly, it is trial and error.

Although a lot of symptoms are similar, Crohn's disease seems to impact people very differently. Some people suffer terrible pain and others have fluctuating periods of pain or of generally feeling unwell and it just seems to occur like this. Learning how to manage your own Crohn's is important, but do understand that while there may seem to be a set pattern, this can quickly change. Never be afraid to ask help, Crohn's is a nasty condition and there is currently no cure available, so if help is available, use it.

Do check that it is not your diet that is actually causing any problems, many people find that by controlling their diet, they improve the symptoms but stress is a trigger too so you need to look at your whole lifestyle.

Check out this blog post:

Please do go and seek medical advice and I hope they can help you.

Best wishes,

To anonymous NEW
by: Anonymous

I have severe crohns disease, failed MULTIPLE treatments, I just started my last treatment option 2 days ago. I just wanted to let u know what I have found after my countless hours of research. Ibuprofen in relation to ibd can, in fact, do more harm than good. It can cause bleeding ulcers & fistulas. I discovered this when I took some ibuprofen & recorded it in my daily log & for the very first time since being diagnosed with the disease I developed bloody stools & the pain intensified. Tylenol hasn't has any effect. it may just be because I have a severe case that isn't responding to treatment but I felt obligated to let u know what I discovered about taking ibuprofen with CD.

by: Anonymous

My 25 year old son was recently diagnosed with Crohns. He was hospitalized for 2 weeks last November and was on TPN thereapy for 2 months.
Although he is doing much better, he gets a stomach ache at least once a day which he describes as being quite intense/painful. He has been prescribed Norco 10/325 for the pain but his mother and I are worried about the addictive properties of this drug. We monitor his usage and he takes one tablet per day.

Does anyone know if narcotic type drugs are commonly prescribed for the pain associated with Crohns? We are hoping that when he is through taking antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro), his pain will subside.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

ex trucker NEW
by: mark

IM 47 and have tried 5different meds in the past 3yrs. crohns seems to be coming back with avegence for the past year ,since my resection and other meds

pain NEW
by: Anonymous

unfortunately yes, i use ibuprofen, 500mg only one a day otherwise you get constipated. but pain is just something that you will adapt to i find when im in bed if i raise my legs with pillows above hip height it helps with the abdo cramps, with your legs bent. just a suggestion, feel better soon

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