pain mangament

by Holly
(Dallas Tx)

what do you guys take when you are in a flare

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pain management NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post.

Pain management is something that many people with Crohn's disease look into because sometimes the pain can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to focus on day to day life when wracked in deep intense abdominal pain for example. Sadly many people become dependent on painkillers and it can be very harmful to take too many tablets so, discovering new ways of dealing with prolonged pain may be a solution. Sometimes the doctor will prescribe you specific painkillers such as Tylenol but they do have to know your full history before doing so.

Alternative pain management can be simple but effective and includes a heat pad to help with abdominal cramps and any joint pain, it’s a soothing method but it may not work for everybody.

You could also try some deep breathing techniques, these can be calming and enlightening as you breahe in extra oxygen to the brain which helps you to think more clearly as well as being able to release tension on the out breath. Some people guided visualisation by way of pre-recorded CDs can be an excellent way to escape the throes of pain in the first instance, to distract the mind from these painful or uncomfortable feelings and to be able to transport themselves on a guided journey for a period of time.

There are healing meditations using colour to infuse the body and these are to help speed up the healing process. Or there are traditional meditation recordings which can help to transport you to a place of beauty and wonder depending what it is that inspires.

For some people, food is the problem because there is such rawness and soreness inside that even easy to digests foods can aggravate the area so fasting for a period of time can actually help. Try fasting for 2 to 5 hours, and although, you will need food at some point, during the fast just take water.

These may seem simple techniques but they are easy to incorporate into your life and they do help. They are certainly better than taking a lot of traditional painkillers.

Hope this helps.


Don't be Rude, Be Nice NEW
by: Miss Melinda

I can't get NO Dr. to give me ANYTHING for pain. My neck, shoulder's,elbow's, lower back, both hip's, knees, ankles, and my feet! NEVER top hurting. Can't sleep, what little sleep I get my pain wakes me up. I can't hardly walk, my Dr. won't even sign a paper for me to get a electric wheel chair or a electric scooter to help me get around outside.The 1 thing that I DO NOT want is for people to feel sorry for me! Don't look at me funny OR like you can catch this. Just treat me like you do anyone else.Talk to me like you talk to others.When you see me trying to walk, just smile and say "I hope you have a good day and" GOD BLESS YOU". That would make me :) and have a GOOD DAY. That would help my pain more than anyone would ever know. Thank You. And GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. Have a SUPER DAY, as we are trying to say in Indiana, for the Super Bowl :)

Life Changing Pain
by: Anonymous

Remicade every 6 wks (which I'm not sure how well it works for my joints because I'm always in chronic pain)
Norco (10 mg of hydrocodone and 325 mg of Tylenol)
Lyrica 75 mg (don't take it that much because it makes me dizzy and hard to wake up to take care of my 3 month old and two yr old)

It's hard to find pain management from a legit pain dr when your younger than 40...good luck and hope you find comfort soon!

by: Anonymous

i have tried several pain medicines in the past one being co-proxamol which was taken off the market in england, you might be able to get it in america. also have had tramadol which is very good for pain but can cause violent nausea and vomiting, but only if you cant tolerate it. i currently take ibuprofen 500mg enteric coated, as you probably know providing you havent got a stoma enteric coated is the way to go with any meds that you are prescribed. hope that was helpful to you

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