Pain around belly button

by Anthony
(Logansport indiana)

I have had pain around belly button and were my appendix is whent to er and they were 100% Shure it was my appendix so had a cat scan and it came back negitive for appendix, so what could it be?

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Pain around belly button NEW
by: Lydia D.

You don't give us much to go on, but I will give it a try.

1) If you have had past trauma, i.e. a fall, someone hit you in the stomach, etc., you might have developed scar tissue inside - These can cause a lot of pain.

2) I agree that a hernia could be another possibility. Lots of pain there.

3) Have you been doing too much sport? Even skate boarding or twisting when playing tennis or another sport might cause a ripped muscle and lots of pain. I know this because I ripped a muscle in my thigh when I was weight training. Muscles take months and months to heal whereas bones take around 6 weeks to heal.

4) If the pain becomes excruciating and you have fever or feel delirious/dizzy/disoriented then you might have peritonitis and this is serious because it can progress to sepsis. This would be an emergency situation and you would need immediate hospitalisation and intravenous antibiotics.

5) Street drugs and injecting oneself can cause clots and infections amongst other things.

6) Loads of other possibilities. I had a section of intestine start to die on me due to Crohn's inflammation and adhesions strangling the intestine and its blood supply.

I suggest that you keep a patient diary to record date, time, level of pain (scale 0 to 10), temperature, what you were doing at the time (sitting, standing, bending down, kneeling, running, etc). This will make it easier to communicate with the doctors. You don't have to write an epic, just bullet points and key words.

Comparative pain scale:

In your diary include any other symptom, spot, boil, change in mood, etc. These may or may not be associated, but they might lead to a quick diagnosis. Try also to include any changes/damage to your health that may have occurred during the preceding weeks/months.

If it persists then they may decide to look at your insides laparoscopically (camera on a stick). This might be the only way to get a diagnosis because it can be nigh impossible to interpret medical images in some 40% of cases. Things like adhesions and low grade infections can not be picked up on x-rays, etc. CT is a form of x-ray imaging. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is far more reliable, but about 8-10 times more expensive than CT.

Whatever you do, don't let them fob you off with with the old "it's psychosomatic!" This is used by doctors who have reached the outer limits of their competence. I met up with a neurologist who did two tests on me and then said my facial pain was psychosomatic when they came up negative. I was subsequently diagnosed with TMJD (temperomandibular joint disorder) by the orthodontist.

Good luck and don't give up until you have a diagnosis - it could, however, take years.

Lydia D.

Belly Button Pain NEW
by: Craig

I sometimes get pain around my belly button and it almost feels like a hernia , like a solid lump. I had a right hemi-colectomy following severe pain around my lower back and appendix area. A CT scan showed severe infection and my appendix had ulcerated and attached itself to my bowel following my surgery I was diagnosed with
Crohn's. I think my belly button pain is most likely some spasms around my scar tissue. I know how hard it is when tests come back negative and all you want is an answer.CT scans are a very good diagnostic tool and pick up the slightest problem, so your results are good in the sense that there is nothing serious that has been found. Hernias can originate from the belly button ( umbilical hernias I think) this is normally accompanied by pain when lifting or straining. I am sure the CT would have picked this up, and it is normally a lump which is fairly pronounced. Could you have strained a muscle? I would go back to your GP and see what further tests could be done and likely causes of the pain. Good luck

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