Off And On Pains

by Stefanie

For the past 3-4 days, I've have off an on stomach pains around and under my belly button. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 5 years ago and haven't had any complications since then. I have no other symptoms besides the cramping/aches. Any ideas what could be going on? Is it Crohn's or something else?? Thanks!!

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Off and On Pains NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it is important to realise that flare-ups can occur at any point and sometimes without warning.

The fact that you were diagnosed with Crohn's disease five years ago is an indicator that you were always likely to have some sort of flare-up and I think you've been very lucky up until now that you have little symptoms.

It could be intestinal gas of course but I would always suggest that you go and seek medical advice just in case the Crohn's is getting worse, or indeed if there is any other problem potentially there.

It is a good idea for you to make note of the foods and drinks that you have been having recently because some of these could have acted as a trigger. Keeping a food journal is always a good idea because you will forget otherwise and actually it is very important to be able to detect specific food types that can irritate you on an individual level. If you have been eating a lot of dairy products of late, you may find that this is an irritation and it is possible that there is a lactose intolerance present.

Equally, if you've been eating spicy foods this can trigger a reaction and drinking alcohol or smoking are other potential causes.

People often forget that stress can also make the Crohn's worse and so it is important to live as stable and as calm a lifestyle as possible so that your health remains constant. It can be a real shock to the system to suddenly experience a flare-up and you may be lucky in that once it settles, you do not experience another flare-up for a long time. But don't take chances with your health, if it is not get better soon, do seek medical advice.

I hope this helps

Stomach pain intermittatn
by: Della

If you are like me, I have vague pain in my belly occasionally and wonder if I'm coming out of remission. It can be gas, diverticuli or constipation also. Before I was diagnosed with Crohns, I had left lateral belly pain that worsened over four days and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. Before last Christmas I began having pain in the same area. I could place a finger on the spots that were tender. I ended up in the hospital with 103 fever and an enlarged spleen. Please followup with your doctor if your pain persists. Take care.

by: Tod

I found that one common denominator with all CD patients is plain old gas pains. These can be very, very painful. especially in the area that you are getting yours. What tipped me off is that you said they were on and off, which leads me to believe that they are not constant(that is usually a good thing).

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