Obstruction Flare Ups

I hear many people talk about flare ups being horrible diarrhea. I haven't had that. I get obstructed. Is this considered a flare up? Do many people experience this with Crohn's and what is the best way to get through it?

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crohns in distal jejunum
by: Anonymous

I too, have crohns in the distal jejunum and also the terminal ilium. I am on Remecade and Imuran. The remecade works wonders, it has really helped me. I still have to be careful of what I eat. No pizza, raw fruits or veggies, red meats or anything that is hard to digest. Fish, chicken, protein shakes, cooked veggies , canned fruits are all okay. Obstructions are common for me once my remecade wears off and i'm do for my next dose. I've missed work, and I am a RN. The abdominal pain with crohns is difficult to deal with when you are trying to take care of patients.

Same problem
by: Anonymous

Just diagnosed two weeks ago after being constipated and bleeding for about four weeks. Doc has me taking Lialda. If there's not improvement in two more weeks he is prescribing steroids.

Wondering if anyone else has taken Lialda or steroids for obstructions and how long it took to be in remission.


Obstructions and nutrition
by: Anonymous

I agree with you. We who have obstructions need to find out what food to avoid when we have our flares. I can't eat bananas at all, I can't eat apples, oranges or brocolli. I have to avoid a lot of vegetables, and the veggies I eat need to be cooked to death. Strawberries sent me to the ER. I have to be careful with red meat, but can have it if I chew it more than usually. Fish and poultry is ok.

My Crohns is in the distal jejunum, it's in the small intestines, a little bit further up than the terminal ileum is. Those who have Crohns in their TI often gets bouts of diarrhea, but those who have Crohns (10 %) in the jejunum often gets obstructions and vomiting instead of excessive diarrhea.

Obsruction Flare Ups
by: Anonymous

I also get obstructed, but my Gastroenterologist put me on a very strict diet. I cut big meals and try to eat small meals like 6 times a day. I cut red meat, bread gas forming foods, foods that does not ingestine good like peels, peas, nuts,corn. Start your day with pawpaw and a small bowl of oats, eat at 10h00 a fruit like banana, eat at 1pm some pasta, yogurt, eat st 3pm agsain a fruit, banana, pawpaw or a apple that is peeled. Eat at 5 -6pm, vegables, like pumkin, carrots, patato, sweet patato. Also you can have a piece of chicken without the skin that must be a bit juicy or a piece of steamed fich. My Gastroentrologist also put me on Normacol plus, 2 teaspoons that I am drinking with a lot of water and alos I am drinking a lump of aloe that is make my colon working regular every day, and prevent the obstructios.
I hope the information will help you

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