New to crohns - pls help with advice...

by Zoe
(New Zealand)

Hi there, im desperate for some answers or advice from people who suffer or know ppl who suffer with crohns as im newly diagnosed. I dont know anyone personally who has it, and feel like the doctors arent completely answering my questions.
My story briefly is that i was diagnosed last year while on my "OE" in scotland( I am 22 years old). I Have since come back home to n.z to sort out my health. I have today finally just come of the steroid I have been on the last 6 months and the test now is to see if the drug azathiprine is enough to keep me well(aswell as taking pentasa)
I am always tired and have to go to bed about 830 every night as Im exhausted, i continuisly have at least 3 mouth ouclers at a time, suffer with headaces abit and somedays feel a lil sick until it will just pass then im fine....
What i want to know is, will i just always be tired like this now? is that part of crohns and will i have to just put up with the mouth ouclers? and are they common to have with crohns like i have them-constantly!?? and if this drug doesnt work is it possible to stay well on natural medications ( as ive done some research on what they reccommend) or is it a good idea to get on top of it with medical drugs first then think natural down the track??
I feel so alone and lost like im sure so many others feel....
Thanks for any feedback!!

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