New to Crohn's Disease

by Maranda

I'm 28 years old have always been healthy and now am dealing with Crohn's. Its the hardest thing i've ever had to control, just when i think i'm getting better, it gets worse. my biggest question right now is how do i get rid of the CONSTANT nausea? Is there no medication or anything i can do other than what i'm aleady doing with my diet?

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Nausea NEW
by: Annette


I am so sorry to hear that you are having a bad time health-wise. Sadly, nausea is one of the main symptoms of Crohn's disease and it is certainly a horrible side-effect as it will impact your life as you have already experienced.

There are two phases of treatment typically for those with Crohn's disease and the first is to try to control the inflammation of the intestines and to relieve any unpleasant symptoms. This then allows the healing process to begin. Once the disease is in remission, continuing treatment is aimed at keeping those symptoms at bay.

Are you currently on any medication? If so, you may wish to check with your doctor that the medication is not causing the nausea as it is possible.

Try to watch what you eat too as there are many triggers which can instigate a flare-up.

Greasy foods
Soft drinks
Hard to digest foods such as nuts or fruits and vegetables with skin or peel.

There are medications that can help to combat the nausea but be aware that there can be side-effects such as increased drowsiness. Ask your doctor for the best medicines to take based on your lifestyle needs. If you keep a lifestyle journal and map out everything Crohn's related, this will help the doctor to help you.

You could also look into natural alternatives - some people with Crohn's disease swear by infusing raw ginger into hot water or by nibbling on raw ginger. But everyone reacts differently so I would suggest additional research alongside medical advice.

I wish you the best of luck and am sure the doctor can find the right treatment for you.

I hope this helps.

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