New to Crohn's Disease

by eric strauchler
(apex nc )

My wife is losing weight,and her my body always getting her sick. She always cold, she eat like a bird. She spend many times on can with bloody stools. Eileeen was dianosed in UNC hospital and her Gi intern drop this disease on her ,told her nothing about.Except go check internet. She has no will. She also had a stomach virus and bronchiss. No one wants to help me. She was in 2 emergency rooms and give 1v's. I know she's I get dehydrated.
Yet no one, does any tests to check anything else. I'm afraid. I her husband is a wounded warrior and in Ft Bragg,NC and can only visit on weekends. Need a support group somebodies who can talk her verbally.
My home is 919 772 3417. If you get tape say crohn's support.

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