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by Heather

Just wanted to say hi - rather than troll around.

Dx with CD for 15 years. Active, active, active for the last 6 months. Starting testing to move to a stronger medication.

Sooo tired.all.the.time.

Wellness wishes for all.

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by: Annette Young

Hello Heather,

Thanks are writing in. There is certainly a lot of information on here to wade through, but you may find a lot of the information useful when you get a spare five minutes. The great thing about this forum is that everyone is very friendly and responsive.

I note you mention feeling very tired, I can really sympathize. Feeling such intense fatigue that can seemingly continue for weeks and months is really hard to cope with and it can seem never-ending. I have spoken to a lot of people with Crohn's disease who endure varying degrees of fatigue and through their experiences as well as research, I thought I would share the following with you:

Vitamin D is currently being researched with the view that it may be beneficial to help cope with fatigue, so it might be worth a try.

I would also recommend trying to enhance your sleep pattern and so that you sleep deeply in the hopes it might help your body to heal. It may sound quite new age, but I like a few lavender drops my pillow and find this quite soothing and restorative.

Other things to try is a visualisation technique/meditation and this can really help to relax your body. It isn't to take any pain away of course but it can help to alleviate stress and any day to day pressures and to promote a good night sleep too. I find this works for me.

You can also use aloe vera juice to help soften stools and many people with crohn's have said it really helps, and it is also supposed to start healing the intestines too. Fennel tea is also popular.
I would only try one thing at a time though as then you can see if any of it helps.

I attach a link for you with some natural remedies and I hope this helps.'s_Disease

Best wishes,


by: Anonymous

I also am soooo tired all the time. I know it is a combination of the disease and the medications. I have had Crohn's for 26 years and am trying to work and live with the disease. Best wishes to you.

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