New at this Crohns thing

by tracy

Any help would be appreciated. I feel rather lost. Aug, 10th I thought I had the flu, I just had the most awful diarrhea and let it go for about 2 weeks and finally went to the Dr. who gave me lomotil. While this did help for awhile. I never really got over it and it, in the following week after got pretty bad, the diarrhea didn't really hurt, but my hemorrhoids were unbelievable and felt like I had a baseball at the site of my anus( those of you with hemorrhoids know the feeling), the hemorrhoids were finally going away and the diarrhea slowed down a little and next thing I knew I woke up doubled over from upper abd. pain at 3 am. I went and laid on the couch by my husband and tried to ride it out, fell back asleep and at 6 am, woke him to take me to the E.R. Got there, told them I thought it was gallbladder and my back felt like a kidney stone as well(I occ. get these)morphine every 30 min. seemed to do the trick, they admitted me did cat scan, only thing it showed was some unusual looping of the uppper bowel (not sure if this was from my gastric bypass 2 yrs. ago?) Anyways, gallbladder ultrsound looked o.k., upper G.I looked o.k. This was Sept. 1st. I am 5'7-1/2" and was 130 and dropped this last month to 118# as everytime I ate ANYTHING this last month, I felt sick- I could only eat a few bites and I'd feel sick. I never vomited, but never have been one to. I am drinking ensure several times a day.Oct. 4th I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and it showed esophagitis and gastritis. I think when he did this I was already on the mend. They have me on zeggarid for the erosions(which don't bother me at all. a few days ago I was able to start eating without getting sick and it feels like whatever this episode is, seems to be passing. I am not sure if Crohns does this? When I looked up Crohns I noticed all different things I have in common that I didn't know had anything to do with Crohns. I have the inflamed eyes, , get freq. sores in my mouth(I thought everyone did) and just reading peoples things about the anal fissures, hemmeroids, etc. made me realize, yep that must be it. I have never seen any blood in my stool- when they did a culture of my stool during the colonoscopy, they said it had WBC's in it but did not see infection. I'm sure there is more I could say-but don't want to make a book out of this. Anyone willing to talk to me and help me understand this a little better, sure would be appreciated. I want to make th most out of my situation and do what I need to do to be symptom free. Thanks for the time. Tracy

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New at this Crohn's thing NEW
by: Annette Young

Hey there,

I hope by the time you read this you will be feeling better and a full diagnosis made. If it is Crohn's and it certainly sounds indicative of it then there are important things you need to do.

First of all, seek medical assistance and follow the guidance for medication. Monitor your progress and any symptoms. If you feel worse, go back to the doctor and press for additional help.

Do keep a food journal. There will be times when you don't feel like eating much and the best diet you can have is a simple one. Do not eat foods that are hard to digest but eat healthily. Your digestive system may struggle so eat soups, casseroles, pureed food and avoid spicy food. Do not drink alcohol or smoke. Drink more water. If you are not eating a healthy enough diet or if you find blood in the stools, you may need extra iron by way of supplement. Try vitamin D too as this can help Crohn's.

Try to eliminate stress. It's not easy but if you can learn relaxation techniques and meditation, you can improve the connection with your body, use breathing techniques to help relax and be able to eliminate anxieties too. Stress is a huge trigger.

It's important to learn as much as you can about the condition and to be able to accept it, sometimes learning to live with it, provides an easier route into the disease and causes less aggressive bouts of pain.

I hope this helps.


could be crohns
by: Anonymous

Tracy, three tests have to be done to diagnose crohns disease. And could be misdiagnosed for years. So do your own research. Believe me, doctors will screw this one up.. bigtime. But once it is diagnoses as crohns, take remicade or humera. Humera might make it worse but only to help show other problems. Then surgery is probably needed. Don't worry. Surgery is gonna happen but will fix you for years. No small time doctors on this one. Go to the best gastroenterologist group within 100 miles. At least initially, until you know what is going on. Then stop asking people on-line for advise with this. This is real and you should not get poor advise to sway you. Go on crohns websites only. Good Luck

tryin to help
by: hugh

hi all ive had chrons they think sice the early 70s i dont type to good i guesse i was a guinepig for years lol thats cool if it helps others i have tried all kinds of treantment and diets. if u call me or email your number i would be glad to tell u what i do to try to have a life my name is hugh im at or 804 785 3461 if u send a # i have unlimeted long distance i would love to try and help and tell u what works for me

tryin to help
by: hugh

hi all ive had chrons they think sice the early 70s i dont type to good i guesse i was a guinepig for years lol thats cool if it helps others i have tried all kinds of treantment and diets. if u call me or email your number i would be glad to tell u what i do to try to have a life my name is hugh im at or 804 785 3461 if u send a # i have unlimeted long distance i would love to try and help and tell u what works for me

Crohns for over 20 years
by: Mary K.

Hi Tracy: I have had Crohns (they think) since the 80's, but was not diagnosed with Crohns until 1997. I had iritis all through the 80's, and one doctor said that "usually when you have reoccurring iritis, there is something wrong in your gut." They did a upper gi, etc, and it showed hiatel hernia, but not much else. Years later, in the 90's, I started having terrible pain in my back, spasms that ran up my back until I couldn't talk, and just pain. pain in my hands, pain in my feet. It seemed that as far as my bowels went...I either couldn't go or went all the time. I was finally sent to a neurologist to see why my back hurt so bad...he thought I had colon cancer because it presents like that. They first did a small bowel series. This showed the crohns at the terminal iliem site. Later, a colonoscopy biopsy confirmed crohns. I was started on crohns medications: asacol, pentasa..each one put me in the hospital with allergic reactions. Then we went to the big guns, immunosuppresants: methotrexate, imuran, and then humira. I was on humira for three years, and my crohns got worse. During all of this, I was on prednisone. Got steroid induced diabetes. Could not get off of the prednisone because it was the only thing that would stop the pain. I had a colonoscopy in July of last year, and ended up in the hospital. The doctors told me that I would have to have surgery now because they feared that I would be in an emergency situation soon due to perferations. The surgery was done in Cleveland in August of last year. The secum, terminal ilium, 1.5 feet of the colon and 1.5 feet of the small intestine were removed. They had prepared me for a colostomy because they thought they would have to take out all of my colon, but the disease in my colon was not crohns. Divertucolosis or colitis. Recovery was hard, but now.........I am wonderful. Am no longer diabetic, take no medication for crohns. I feel so good...totally pain free. No more back pain. I still have the bathroom issues...go too much...can't go, but that doesn't bother me, and it is directed a lot by what I eat. To me....medications do not help crohns. Surgery does. I know you have the risk that crohns will come back, and more surgery will need to occur, but my surgeon in Cleveland said that is not always the case. I was in miserary for 13 years, and now I feel great. My story.

by: Connie S

Hi Tracy,
I noticed you are from Owingsville, KY. I am from Richmond. Its nice to see someone from the same area. Perhaps we can exchange phone numbers and talk. I will send you an email as well. I would truly enjoy having someone to discuss my disease with. I was just diagnosed with crohns and UC in November 2007. I have learned a lot in a short period of time - but still dont know nearly enough. Its difficult getting answers from doctors.

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