Need to know about flare ups

by samuel
(lakeland fl)

what causes flare ups

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Need to know about flare-ups NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Flare-ups are part and parcel of Crohn's disease I am afraid. Some people have very aggressive bouts of discomfort and feel generally very ill and this can seemingly go on for weeks and months, day in and day out with little respite.

Suddenly out of the blue, the disease seems to go into a remission period and life can almost return to normal with the sufferer feeling so much better and pain-free. Months or even some years later, flare-ups can occur and as the disease affects people on a very individual basis, it is impossible to say what causes the flare-ups.

Although the symptoms and the basis of Crohn's disease may seem similar, people react differently to triggers. Common triggers are:

• Smoking
• Drinking alcohol
• Eating spicy foods
• Dairy products
• Stress

Although Crohn's is incurable, there are ways to manage it and simply, this means living as holistic a life as possible. This does not mean that you will never experience a flare-up again but you can at least bring a sense of balance to your life and take control of the reins again, rather than your having to fight the disease constantly.

Personally I am a strong believer in keeping a food Journal so that you can ascertain what triggers may have occurred by looking back at your diet within a 2-3 day time-frame. I would also suggest that you add external triggers - arguments, financial pressures, stresses at work etc.

Unfortunately, as fast as the disease can go into remission it could easily start up again and so, being prepared is important. You will know what signs to look out for and will have a management plan in place.

If anyone has any tips on managing flare-ups, do write in and let us know.

Best wishes,

by: Becky

Mine was bread and tomatoes ant stayed away from all bran hi fibre foods.

flare ups
by: Tod

There are so many different stimuli that can cause a flare up. It can be as simple as diet and as complicated as environmental. You need a really good, almost intuative GI doctor to research what causes yours, because that will be the key to how to treat the symptoms successfully!

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