My symptoms sound like crohn's but not sure

for almost a year now, I have had stomach/bowel problems with no proper diagnosis. it started off when i was getting heartburn after drinking coffee but thought nothing of it until one day after having only a small amount of my coffee, i became very nauseous and it lasted all day and for a few weeks after especially after i ate, during witch i would take Gravol when i felt really bad which would help. I went to the doctor who did a urine test and a stomach x-ray and was told i had mild swelling in part of my stomach but was told it was nothing to worry about. I was also given Tecta for the reflux i was having. The reflux stopped, but i was still feeling nauseous so i went to a different doctor a week later who sent me for some blood work and h-poly test witch all came back normal so i was told to just take it easy and see how i do with taking the Tecta for longer. i then found a third doctor a few weeks later who then referred me to a gastroenterologist. the first visit to the gastro, he sent me for more blood work and told me to eat more fiber. all the blood work came back fine, so i had a gastroscopy done witch he said came back normal and was then told to just continue have a high fiber diet. the nausea went away after a while things went back to normal, taking zantac every now and then when i had reflux. 3 weeks ago, i started noticing blood in my stool but thought it was probly just a one time thing. then throughout the rest of the week, i continued to have blood and my stool would get softer every day and on the friday of that week, i was having diarrhea, which has been going on for 8 days now and still blood mixed in but i am also having pain in my lower abdomen and foul smelling gas. went back to the gastro 3 days ago and he sent me for more bloodwork and stool sample to see if there is a bacterial infection or something then told me to come back in a month if my symptoms are still the same then he will do a colonoscopy. I feel like he should be doing the colonoscopy now, because now i have nausea too while i'm going to the washroom. can someone please give me some incite on if this sounds like crohn's and if this is what anyone elses symptoms were before they were diagnosed?

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Amalia NEW
by: Anonymous

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My symptoms sound like crohn's but not sure NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for writing in with your question. I read your post with the greatest of sympathy because it sounds like you are experiencing a terrible time of it right now.

It can take a long time to gain a correct diagnosis if it is Crohn's disease. I know many people who have been suffering with a variety of conditions for many years and eventually they do get diagnosed with Crohn's disease.

It's important that if you do not get a diagnosis that you keep pushing for support because Crohn's can grumble away for a long time.

Symptoms can include:

Abdominal Cramps
Joint Pain
Intense Fatigue
Rectal bleeding

While you are awaiting diagnosis, I would take certain steps to try to manage your symptoms and pain:

Limit or reduce dairy products as if you are lactose intolerant you may find that you have abdominal pain, wind or diarrhea as a result.

Go for low-fat foods as if you do have Crohn's disease you may find it difficult to digest fats. The fats pass through the intestine and this can make any diarrhea worse.

Low fiber options might be the answer. Fiber can make wind, diarrhea and abdominal pain worse.Try steaming or baking your fruits and vegetables instead as this will make them more easy to digest.

Eat smaller meals. Make it as easy as possible to digest your food. Little and often may be the answer.

Nutritious diet - if you have a lot of pain when you eat and digest, you may find that you are eating much less than usually and that your food is not as healthy as it should be. You may need to consider topping up on vitamin supplements if this is the case.

There is much that you can do to improve your reaction to certain triggers and it's worth giving these a try and using them as a solid starting point.

I hope this helps? Wishing you much luck.

Best wishes,


get a ct scan NEW
by: susan

i read your complaints and i hear you with the nausea ,it is immobilizing,cant work cant drive ,irritable with others ,it is consuming,it is frustrating to have your symptoms dismissed,what started years ago as ibs for me has advanced into diverticular disease,get the doctor,i mean insist on a cat scan,just to rule it out .hope this helps.

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