Major flare up...

by Michele

Ok I am now into day 4 of my major flare up! I am weak and dehydrated. Any suggestions?

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Major Flare-up NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I'm sorry to read that you are having such a bad time of it at the moment. Flare-ups can be really nasty and very difficult to manage. In the first instance, I would go back to basics with your diet and eat very little, although you probably don't feel much like eating at the moment anyway.

Drink plenty of water which will keep your body hydrated and this is vital, especially if you have acute diarrhea.Eat when you feel the need, but only eat those foods that are easy to digest.

It is important that you still get all of your vitamins and minerals to help your body be able to fight back, but if the intestines are really painful and sore then even digesting food will be a problem.

Puree your food -or choose nutritious soups where there is little to digest. This will form a good starting point. You will probably also feel exhausted if you are enduring a lot of pain so sleep as little or as much as is needed. Some people find having a hot water bottle placed on those painful areas to be really soothing.

All you can do really to take an instinctive approach to the problem and to go and see the doctor if the symptoms do not let up. Crohn's flareups can be aggressive and nasty, but medical advice should always be taken if it continues.

You might want to take a look at the type of food you have been eating prior to the flare-up as there may have been something that has triggered off this response.

I hope it settles down soon.

Best of luck,

by: Vanessa

Drink Gatorade and Ensure of Boost. Eat bread and pasta, forget about whole wheat. Relax and sleep.
Do not forget to contact your doctor though :)
Good luck

I so get it
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previoius person with the exception of dairy. Yes avoid if your lactose intolerant. Yogart is a really good source of protein and good bacteria. Try to get the kind with probiotics. never pick blueberry or anything with seeds. Best stick with vanilla, peach ornthey even make chocolate. Chocolate goooood! cook everything to death without straing out any vitamines. Eat jello, broth, potatoes, cream of wheat... You get the idea? If you need to (Ihate the idea too) take your behind to the hospital even if it's just to get rehydrated and get some vitamins innyour body. Keep strong and ASK FOR HELP!

fewer suggestions
by: Anonymous

In order to alleviate your inflamation , tell your doctor to put you on prednisone 40 mg a day till the flare up goes away, then he can reduce the dose gradually little by little. My friend, the key to controlling your crohn's is your food intake and your stress level. You must avoid all sodas and any fast food source. One bite or two or one sip or two won't hurt, but making it a habit as your daily meals will hurt you big time. use fresh meat and vegetables but not a lot. Eat a lot of fish and chew your food very well before swallowing. DO not rush while eating and drink water very slowly. Fast eating or drinking cause mal digestion and produce excess gas in your intestines which triggers the flare ups. avoid all gas producing vegetables as well. when you have a buildup of acidity and gas in your sytem, you will get flare ups. Avoid dairy products, fried stuff and even too cold items such as icecream or any cold beverages. There are lots of things that you can do to stablize your crohn's but listen to your body and record everything that hurt you once. Also avoid vinegar, most of creamy salad dressings, and lemon juice or any similar drinks. Avoid too much spices and do not over eat or drink too much. Moreover and most importantly, avoid stress if you can. Exercise gently and have a wonderful time.

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