Low energy daily need advice losing blood and weight

by Cc

I was diagnosed with Chrohns at 14 years old now I'm 25 it's been in remission since I was given Remicade but lately the last few years I've lost a lot of energy and want to sleep. I have been diagnosed as anemic and I only weigh 110 lbs I'm underweight for my height 5'4 I have a 4 year old boy but I can't even enjoy him cause I'm so tired all the time. I eat a fairly good healthy diet I don't do sodas or caffeine and I'm also lactose intolerant. Lately I've been losing a fair amount of blood everytime I go to the restroom and the pain is like sharp needles in my stomach. Please advise I have b12 vitamins in my cabinet but i think it's something else I need.

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Low energy daily need advice losing blood and weight NEW
by: Lydia D.

Oh, I forgot. The FDA issued a warning with respect to pregnant women and oily fish because of the mercury content. However, others have qualified this warning - read these articles and make your own mind up:








Low energy daily need advice losing blood and weight NEW
by: Lydia D.


I hope that they sort it out. I don't want to burst your bubble, but, unfortunately, there are some patients who experience worsening of symptoms during pregnancy. Let's hope that it is just the early stages that are problematic and that everything else will go smoothly.

I am sure that your doctors will do their best for you. Keep on taking those supplements.

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by: Cecilia

Thank you for your advice I have a meeting with a gastro doctor to schedule a colonoscopy and I just found out I'm pregnant I read that having Crohns when pregnant can make your symptoms better so I'm hoping that happens because now I'm taking in more nutrients and vitamins. I am going to be getting a colonoscopy soon and hope that they find out what's causing the bleeding and maybe I could get a dose of remicade not sure if that's safe when pregnant I'm taking iron pills so my blood stays up my latest count was 11.8 still Low but normal.

Low energy daily need advice losing blood and weight NEW
by: Lydia D.

I can only advise you to go to your doctor and discuss the following:

If your iron tablets are not working then you need to have regular iron infusions.

It is not normal to bleed while in remission. Either your disease is still active or you have developed something else - intestinal tumour, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis, intestinal perforation, etc. If the blood is fresh and red, then it more or less rules out a duodenal ulcer. You should definitely not be in this condition and need medical support. I should think blood tests, gastroduodenoscopy and colonoscopy for starters.

I suspect that your Crohn's is indeed active and you need a course of Prednisolone. Remicade, like any medication, can stop working in an individual patient. The sharp pains could be due to Crohn's ulceration, but I urge you to get the doctors to rule out perforation, which can lead to sepsis and death.

In the meantime I suggest that you take a vitamin B-complex for pregnant ladies, fish oil capsules, and vitamin C and see if they help you with your energy levels. Caveat: it can take months for any positive effect to be noticed. Ensure that you are taking your iron tablets as prescribed.

If your Crohn's is in the terminal ileum, then you will not be able to absorb sufficient vitamin B12 and may be short of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). In this case you will need to take sublingual vitamin B12 or receive injections every few months. If you are short of the fat-soluble vitamins, you will need approximately monthly injections of these.

I refer you to the first diagram here: http://www.cmaj.ca/content/166/10/1297.full

If you are in the USA then Walmart vitamins are fine - you don't need to pay mega-bucks for them.

To raise your energy levels, I suggest that you buy Boost, Ensure, etc. These are sip drinks and should be sipped slowly throughout the day alternating with a few sips of water.

Make sure you get lots of rest and when your son lies down, then lie down at the same time and make the most of the quiet.

Research Crohn's and diet, the anti-inflammatory diet, etc.

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