leg pain and crohns

by annabel
(nw london)

ive been told i have either bad IBS or mild crohns....am being treated for IBS with various pills....i have a 7cm patch of inflamed bowel on my lower right side and i now get funny pains in my left leg too.it feels like a nerve is being squished?!!? my leg feels wobbly ?!?!

i have been discharged from my gastro clinic but think i may need to get referred again?!?! is the leg issue a common thing or completely unrelated??!?! my painful side is getiing worse again too?!?!?

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possibly NEW
by: Kat

During one of my flare ups of Crohns I had severe leg pains in what felt like the joint between my leg and pelvis. It started of feeling like a pulled muscle/tendon but as the months progressed it became sharper however I dismissed it as growing pains as none of my flares had ever had that symptom before. One morning I woke up in extreme pain, I could not move my lower torso let alone my leg. I had to be carried into hospital. Turned out my usual flared area had been rubbing against my psoas muscle and was creating the early stages of an abcess.
So if you havent been diagnosed yet I suggest you find a gastrointerologist prepared to listen to your sympotms. Demand a colonoscopy with included biopsy, which is usually a common way to determine Crohns. Inflammation somtimes also shows up in blood test of the CRP and ESR.
Keep trying until you can get a solid diagnosis.

Additional Symptoms
by: Lydia D

Sorry Kelly that I didn't pick up your post earlier. (Lydia D aka veteran Crohn's patient)

My symptoms were extreme tiredness and exhaustion (inflammation, dehydration and malnutrition?), chronic diarrhoea and intermittent deep seated abdominal pains. In the end the pain was chronic but only 4-5 on the comparative pain scale (0-10). I was diagnosed as psychosomatic by the doctors that I consulted and because of the subsequent delay in diagnosis ended up losing my colon.

Inflammation doesn't always show up in blood tests.

I can't say whether you have Crohn's or not because there are hundreds of other diseases that cause similar symptoms.

If you already had a Crohn's diagnosis then I would guess on the basis of your symptoms as you described you could have a stricture or stenosis or a conglomerate tumour of the intestine in addition to very active Crohn's. However, you have not been diagnosed.

I had so much inflammation that my entire intestine stuck together and I ended up with a conglomerate tumour of the small intestine. Because of the back pressure intestinal peristalsis was restricted and I had to puree all my food to avoid blockages. The GERD was out of control because of the low passage of food and the increased back pressure. In the end I was operated on again (7th OP), they removed the tumour, which contained Crohn's'd tissue. It took them over 5 hours to to adhesiolysis www.adhesions.org

Crohn's is a relapsing and remitting disease, so if it is properly medically managed then one should not have diarrhoea all the time.

I suggest that you keep a food, mood and symptom patient diary and use this as the basis for discussion with your (new) doctors. https://www.crohns-disease-and-stress.com/journal.html

You could use the CDAI http://www.ibdjohn.com/cdai/

Describe your stools using the Bristol Stool Scale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Stool_Scale

Use the comparative pain scale http://www.tipna.org/info/documents/ComparativePainScale.htm

The sensitivity to fatty foods might indicate that the terminal ileum is also involved - this is where the bile is reabsorbed together with a large amount of the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and vitamin B12. Try pureeing your food and avoid anything that is constipating or could cause blockages - bananas, leafy greens, red meat, skins, seeds, pips, etc.

Leg pains may indicate vitamin deficiencies, referred pain from the abdomen as a result of inflamed intestine pressing against nerves.

You may be deficient in vitamins B12 and the fat-soluble vitamins.

I am not a doctor and you do need to consult one as a matter of urgency because you have a lot going on. Put together a tabulated and chronological account of what has happened to you: Date, doctor consulted, symptoms/diagnosis/treatment.

"additional symptoms cont'd"
by: Kelly

Sorry- the post titled "additional symptoms" was from me, Kelly! Sorry i am not any good at this forum thing. I've never done this before but would really like to hear any more thoughts!

additional symptoms...
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Being a veteren of Crohns, can you please describe some of the symptoms you started with leading into your diagnosis? I have had colonoscopy, endoscopy, biopsies of tissues, etc during that procedure. Blood tests, stool tests, ultrasound of pelvis and abdomen. All negative. Last Feb i started having severe diarrhea then cut out fatty/greasy foods and it went away. Then numerous other symptoms came up. Currently I have any one of these symptoms on any given day, sometimes they are worse than other times and seem to have no rhyme or reason. Severe bloating (every day constantly for the past month straight), pains ALL over my entire mid-section, GERD, severe cramping,spasms all over my entire mid-section, loss of weight, for awhile i felt "sick" altho didn't get a fever, i would sometimes have chills and pains right before having a bm and afterwards just feel totally wiped out even if it was a "normal" bm, pains also are extremely low down on both the right and left sides (altho i get pains everywhere sometimes), irregular bms, I'll start to have a bm and not be able to get it all out then have to rush to the bathroom 5 min later to get more out suddenly, extreme sensitivity to pressure (I can't even button my pants on some days due to the pain!) eating a few bites of food and feeling totally full, neaseas, a lump in my throat (altho i can still easily swallow).. symtpoms seem to be all the way from my chest down to the leg area I had described in my other post. The leg pains are the newest symptoms. Do you have diarrhea all the time with crohns or is it just that you have irregular bms? Do you think this is progressing into crohns? I will see my dr on tues and will go to stanford if i have to, but just wonder what someone with crohns would say about my symptoms.. (sorry this is so long!)

leg pain and crohns
by: Anonymous

Sorry, I am not the authoress, but I just wanted to say that if your doctors haven't found anything then you are seeing the wrong doctors.

The bilateral leg pains are particularly worrisome. I am only a veteran Crohn's patient, but if I were a doctor I would want to eliminate the following:

1) Intestinal blockage due to too high dietary fibre. Eat low fibre, non-wind producing foods (Google this subject). Do not drink sodas or any fizzy drinks and do not eat sweets or chocolate.

2) Possibility of pelvic thrombosis - most blood clots start life in either the legs or the pelvis and then travel to the lungs (pulmonary embolism), heart (ischaemic heart attack) or head (ischaemic stroke).

3) Possibility of abdominal tumours/cysts/adhesions - can lead to fluid retention and pain radiating into the legs. Abdominal tumours can lead to swelling in the legs.

4) Heart failure - can lead to fluid retention in the legs.

5) Wheat intolerance, Coeliac disease, lactose/fructose/sucrose/maltose intolerance, food allergies, etc.

Just one of the following: not moving around, overweight, smoking, bad diet, the contraceptive pill, medication or any street drug, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, other disease. Just one of these can make you susceptible to thrombosis.

I would start doing your own research, change your lifestyle accordingly and find some new doctors if necessary.

Lydia D.

leg pains too!
by: Kelly

I am currently being tested for crohns or something along those lines but so far tests are coming up negative. A new symptom I have developed is a type of leg pain too! Mine doesn't feel like a joint necessarily but it starts at the tendon that is literally down on each side of my croch. (sorry, not really proper medical wording I'm sure!) It is usually on the right side more than the left and sometimes it spreads to more of my leg around that area too. The pain will last for days and then go away a bit, then come back again for hours, etc. I am also having constant bloating for the past month. I have also had pains like you described and many other symptoms. Where is your leg pain at? Does this sound like something similar?

Leg pain and crohn's
by: Lydia D

The pains in your right (?) side may be due to food blockages and you should keep an eye on what you eat. Avoid anything with seeds, skins, pips or stringy fibres (citrus, leafy greens). Avoid all carbonated and sweet especially high fructose drinks. Try pureeing your food for a few days to see whether that has a difference.

There are several types of Crohn's disease: fistulating, stenosing (closing of length of intestine), stricturing (closing of v. short length of intestine), smouldering, etc. Pain could indicate stenosing of the 7 cm inflamed small? intestine due to increased inflammation. It does not sound as though the current therapy is adequate and you should go and see your doctor.

The pain in your left leg could be due to a trapped nerve if your posture has been strange due to your pain. If it had been a general leg pain I would have suggested B12 deficiency, but your pain is very localised.

Please let us know how it all works out.

Lydia D.

Arthritis-like pain from Crohns
by: Peter Bray

Yes...Crohns can also arrive with inflammation in the joints, elbows, feet, etc--do a websearch, "arthritis from Crohns"--see what others do--Daughter Cathy is trying an enzyme her other found online---


Benicia, CA

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