joint pain

by joe hayes
(dublin ireland)

hi fokes , have crohns 10 years maybe more doing well .on asacolon 3 times daily fingers crossed doing the trick.only this week got bad joint pain in all joints ,does this mean internal flare up watch out any suggestions thanks joe

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Joint pain flare-up NEW
by: Annette

One of the problem with Crohn's disease is that it can suddenly seem to flare-up for no reason and happens completely out of the blue. This can happen even years later when you have been congratulating yourself that maybe the disease was gone.

Crohn's is a chronic illness and this means it lasts a long time. It is also called the relapsing and remitting disease. This means that yes, the symptoms are likely to flare-up again. The symptoms can be mild or severe.

There are many flareup side-effects including joint pain, sore skin, diarrhea and, abdominal cramps.

Sometimes there seems to be no reason for it to happen, it just does but certain things can act as a trigger including: stress, smoking and certain foods or drink.

Try keeping a journal of the things you eat or if you are feeling more stressed or pressured and see if it coincides with these flare-ups. It must be painful and frustrating for you but hopefully, it will ease off soon.

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