Over the last six months my fingers and hands became very painful, my knees are also affected, I am now at the point where I cannot do the simplest of things because it is so painful.

I have been told that this is associated with Crohns and that I should see a rheumatologist (excuse the spelling) I was put forward for this three months ago and still have not heard from the hospital for an appointment.

Nhs service!!!!!


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Joint Pain and Crohn's
by: Annette Young

Hi there,
I am assuming at the time of writing that you have not had a full diagnosis but are concerned that it is Crohn's and have arthritic symptoms too.

Crohn's disease has many side-effects:

Joint Pain
Eye pains

Some people experience many symptoms, others experience only a few. Joint pain is quite common however.

Crohn's is an auto-immune disease but so is arthritis and there may be a genetic link. It is important that you are careful as to all of the foods that you eat. Plus, you need to avoid smoking, alcohol and fizzy drinks too.

It can be very difficult to receive a diagnosis. Crohn's symptoms can mirror other conditions and even tests can fail to pick up any problems within the gatro-intestinal tract. This does not mean that problems are not occurring however. I know many people who experienced terrible pain but the tests came back inconclusive. Eventually they received the diagnosis.

There is no cure for the disease. But living with it and understanding it, can make the fear of it go away. It's important to realise that it will not always be bad. Crohn's often enters into a remission period and you are likely to start feeling more human again. Yes flare-ups can occur but it could be years before they do.

I attach some links with some information and hope this helps.
Best wishes,


Chron's & Joint Pain
by: Doug Tally

CD diagnosed and surgery 40 years ago. No hospitalization in 20 years. It's flaring up this Spring for 6 weeks. Currently is my first experience with left knee pain... some indication a week prior the knees were not as usual going up and down stairs. Then without instance or injury pain left me barely hobbling. Days ago went for a bike ride using mostly my right leg and letting the left tag along on its pedal. After the ride my left knee felt almost normal. Next morning was less than normal and then it deteriorated throughout the day to the normal pain.

I'll try the bike again today and see if the pain relief repeats. GI appt next week.

Joint and muscle pain
by: Anonymous

I have had Crohn's for 36 years. Thanksfully, I was in remission for the past 10 years after going on an immune suppressant drug called mercaptopurine (6MP).

Recently, I developed a flare-up. My primary symptoms are joint (ankle) swelling and pain. I also have muscle pain from Fibromyalgia, which historically has always coincided with my Crohn's flare-ups.

Has anyone found something that works to reduce joint swelling and pain? I can hardly walk, but don't have any other symptoms other than fatigue right now. Aleve has always worked well for me for other types of pain, but I know that's not good for my digestive system.

Driving me mad
by: Lou

Hi, i have the dreaded crohns and was diagnosed 7yrs ago, but its only been the last 2yrs that i have had joint trouble, as we speak, my hands are agony and as you say, simple tasks have become a problem, i feel like a 90yr old !!!

Joint Pain is not uncommon
by: Ida, Mississauga, On

My knees, wrist, legs depending on the day! Sometimes I can't even hold a cup of tea. I went to my doctor who sent me for a bone scan and averything came back clean. They told me that it is all part of having Crohn's. I thought the tummy bloating / pain, diareha, nausa and fever was it ... "NOT" Do what you can when you can !
I find that if I push myself when the joints hurt the pain last a bit longer.... normal run on the pain 10 to 18 hours and then starts to slow down. pain meds help only take them when I have to!
Keep your chin up! Woll check back in with again!

CD and joint pains
by: michelle

I have CD and have had immflamed feet for 8 months now i have not been able to walk and it keeps me awake at night, i went to see a specialist today, he gave me a steroid injection in my bum, now the pain has gone its like magic!!!!!

Joint Pain and Crohns
by: Connie S

I'm with you Barbie. I was diagnosed in Nov 07. Prior to then, I was working out with a personal trainer. I went to the gym six days a week. I am still not well - I am assuming I am still in a flare up. I am still looking for all these definitions for what I have. Anyway, I cannot work out anymore. I have tried walking during my lunch hour at work, then I am awake and in pain all night. I have read where exercise must be minimal during a flare. So, when does this flare end? Will I ever feel like I used to? I have only had this a few months and already I am tired of it!!!
Good luck to you.

joint pain
by: Kirsten

I found I had the same problem when I was on prednizone. Especially when I was coming on or off it because my body was craving it. My family doctor ended up just prescribing me Oxycotton for the pain so I didn't have to see another doctor.

Joint pain & Crohns
by: Shell

I was told by a GP that if you have been taking steroids and immuran you are likely to get joint pain. As far as not getting an appointment yet. you could ask your local gp to make enquiries for you or you can present your self at the hospital & be seen. Sometimes you can contact the rheumatologist clinc and ask what dort of time you are looking at and expliain that the pain is either worse or you are suffering more. Hope this helps

by: Anonymous

i have the same problem . i took alot of tests,and came back normal. then i went to pain clinic and they told me its associated with chrohns. so i got three injections and they helped very little. im still in pain i feel i have some sort of arthritis. so you should try to see your dr call them again and complain. best of luck.

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