Is this Crohn's?

by Trish
(Georgia, U.S.)

I am a mother two a wonderful little girl who I suspect has crohn's disease. It started at the age of five with her always complaining about her stomach hurting right at the belly button. Then I really noticed she seemed to get the stomach flu all the time once or twice a month. When she was six and a half she would get these bad stomach pains with a high fever so I would rush her to the emergency room thinking she had appendicitis. Well they would always find something else like strep throat, virus, kidney infection and even though I new better I listened and loaded her up on antibiotics which would calm things down. Three weeks after the kidney infection the pain came back I rushed her to the emergency room again. I told them she had appendicitis no they said her pain has lessened and that does not happen with appendicitis. She has a virus. I new that was bull but I went home. Next morning she woke up screaming again with a fever. I took her back this time they said well she could have this thing called c-diff cause of all the antibiotics. I said no it is appendicitis and I want a cat scan now!
Well she took one look at her and went for the scan. She had a RUPTURED appendix! I think it ruptured the night before at the hospital because her pain was relieved. Also her kidney was swelled twice its size hence the kidney infection 3 weeks before. Her appendix was so swollen it laid on the ureter to her kidney and swelled it up. She had surgery and was a very sick little girl for a while. I was so relieved that it was a over and she could resume her life. Fat Chance! It started again I thought at first the stomach flu. Then I got a clue and started with a pediatric gastro. Since then I started a journal (docs suggestion)of symptoms food and poop. What I really found out is she has crazy stools. Mostly diarrhea sometimes hard and some times normal sometimes a blob. They smell bad and she has lots of gas. They have done every test except a colonoscopy which will be done Oct.8th. Two weeks ago she had a very bad attack uncontrollable pain. Screaming when she went to the bathroom. She laid in bed all day (she normally bounces off the walls)completely fatigued and very pale. She lost five pounds in about a week. Then came these hot flashes and cold flashes. Then it just stopped. She was ok for 2 weeks I mean not a peep from her about her belly. This week she has had some pain and diarrhea. Then the other day there was a small amount of blood it had the consistency of mucus. I am afraid she has crohn's I am also afraid they can not tell me what is wrong with her. She is losing quality of life. The attacks seem to be getting worse. Help! I am frantic! Sorry for the graphic detail.

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Is this Crohn's?
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

I hope that you have managed to have a correct diagnosis made now and that your daughters symptoms are controlled. I know it must have been terrifying for you to have to watch her suffer so much and to go through a variety of painful symptoms.

If it is Crohn's disease, you will probably be aware that there is no quick fix. Crohn's sadly is for life once it occurs. The only way round it is to cope with it and to learn to live with it. More and more children seem to be getting Crohn's disease these days.

Symptoms such as constipation and diarrhea are common, so is abdominal pain, nausea and fatigue. Treatment is available to help control the symptoms but it is also vital that you determine what the triggers are, and by this I mean there may be something that she is eating and drinking that is causing her body to rebel. She needs easy to digest foods and certainly no fizzy drinks. When she is tired, she needs to rest. Although sleep can be impacted, it is important that she get plenty of rest.

Symptoms may come and go. Chronic periods followed by restful periods and for many people, remission where life can be normal.

I attach a link here which will offer more information in connection with children and Crohn's.

I hope that this helps and forms a starting point. Please do provide an update if possible.



by: Anonymous


have you had any luck with your daughter, getting a diagnosis, getting any relief, etc.?

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