is this crohns disease

by betty singleton

my daughter has had bouts of sickness since she was 9 years old,she is 24 now.she will do fine for a while then she will get constipated,get kidney infection and bad stomache pains with nausea and vomiting,when they sent her to a gastroligist he did endoscopy that he said looked fine and then he called us back later to tell us her enzymes looked like she could have crohns disease and wants her to come back for a colonscopy,should she go?

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Is this Crohns Disease? NEW
by: Annette Young

hello Betty,

Thank you for your question. Your daughter should go and get further tests and a correct diagnosis because if it is Crohn's disease, it is vital that she gets the correct treatment. It sounds like she has been through a lot already and although it is scary to think that she might have a disease that is currently incurable, it is better than not knowing or leaving it to chance.

Forewarned is forearmed as they say, and once you know what you're dealing with, you can take positive steps forward to managing the condition. Although there are many symptoms that have become typical of Crohn's disease, it seems to affect individuals quite differently. Some experience a lot of pain and for others it is mild bouts.

Your daughter needs to start understanding Crohn's disease as it affects her personally and to take an intuitive approach. She can keep a food diary to ascertain if there are any triggers within her diet and try to ensure that her diet is easy to digest as well as very nutritious.

When she is on medication, it is likely that she will always be on medication because even if the disease goes into a remission period, coming off of medication can cause very nasty flareups. For me, once the Crohn's disease is stabilised (as much as it can be)it is about prevention. Your daughter can avoid doing the things that could cause an aggressive bout of Crohn's. So the more that she can learn about it, the better it will be to her.

I hope this helps,
Do let us know how she gets on.


do get her to have the test
by: Anonymous

Do get her to have the test, if i didnt have it i wouldnt have been aive today.
It saved my life

Hi there
by: Nicole

Hi there, you should take her to get the test done if i wouldnt have had it done i would still be living with the pain of not knowing i have crohns

Is this Crohns disease
by: Anonymous

Yes, you absolutely should get her to do the colonoscopy! If it weren't for that test, I would still be living in agony!

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