Is this a symptom of crohn's?

Is uncontrolable gas a symptom of Crohn's Disease?

I have a co-worker that suffers from Crohn's Disease. He said that he is unable to control when he passes gas so we are forced to tollerate the horrible smells on a daily basis. It seems that whenever it becomes an issue, he is able to control it and leave the room to take care of his business.

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Living with Crohns
by: Gonsman50


I can relate living with these symptoms, particularly the gas. I've been living with the disease for 39 years now after having a resection of the illium and small bowel back in 1971. I get monthly B-12 shots now because I can't absorb this vitamin anymore. Though my weight returned not long after the surgery and I've lived a relatively normal life except for the fairly frequent trips to the bathroom and never a regular bm. I honestly don't know what causes these side effects, only that during certain times of the year my crohn's symptoms seem to get worse, especially in the spring, when the pollen is most evident. I've heard that crohn's disease is an autoimmune disorder, like allergies. I'd be interested in knowing if you or others suffer allergies as I do along with the Crohns?

looking for support
by: Anonymous

my mom was diagnosed. iam looking for a support group for her in spokane wa. thank you and best wishes

get some smints
by: Anonymous

or other strong minty flavored gum/candy, or even peppermint tea, it could help mask it. I know it sucks, but sometimes it can't be helped. Even the most innocent of foods can set it off. Be glad it was only gas, if he was in a real bad way you could've witnessed a shart, and/or blood with it. Go easy on the guy.

by: louise37

Hi I am sorry that this is an issue I can understand why but honestly he cannot help it I am a 37 year old woman and I also have this problem, as I know alot of people with CD do, My husband and children are used to it now but there are still times when it supprises even me but really he cannot help it he isn't using CD as an excuse for his gassy problem, I suggest buying airfreshner ,

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