Is it Crohn's?

by Ashley Haddix

Hello everyone. I went to the ER on 4/24/10 because I was having pains in my lower stomach. I thought it was due to a UTI or something like that. The doctors gave me a CT scan of my stomach, bloodwork, and urine tests. The DR came to talk to me and said they were going to have to admit me because they found a few things wrong with me. 1 I had sists on my overies. 2 I had a UTI. And 3 My colon showed on the CT scan that it was swollen. Okay, so they addmitted me and I was there from Saturday-Tuesday. They came to the conclusion that I either had an infection or possible crohn's disease. They don't want to do the colonoscopy because they said when your colon is swollen, it will only make it worse. So they ran a test with my blood and they said it takes 10 days to come back. So now I'm waiting for the 10 days and they are going to to tell me if I have crohns or not. Since I've been out of the hospital, I've had really bad diariah, Im really weak fealing, an my stomach is sick fealing. It seems like the diariah is worse when I'm active and walking around. It doesn't bother me much when Im off my feet and laying down. Can anyone email me and tell me their thoughtd?? Please!!

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