Is it Crohn's Disease?

I have burning in throat and on tongue and in my chest. When i eat it is because I force myself to do so, and regret it immediately. After I eat I get a really bad burning sensation. I feel weak due to lack of nutrition and am sick. I get a slight cough. My poop has mucus in it, and every time I have to go lately it is with urgency no matter if I am constipated or not. Yesterday I had lots of bright red blood with my poop, and it happened later that night when I had the runs. At night time my skin burns, my feet and hands turn red and itches and burns. My scalp is burning and itching too, and my eyes. Which has tiny bumps when I rub them. My skin is starting to look thicker and more like I can see every line in my body. I have some occasional red dots that come and go, but they are very small and painless and could be anything. Of course without the proper nutrition my mental state is worse, bad memory, some depression, etc.. last night my toes were swollen and burning and behind my big toe nail it burnt worse. Every time I swallow there is mucus. My throat feels a little swollen. I have a constant headache that goes from dull to migraine and back to dull again. Most mornings I wake feeling better with the symptoms getting worse at night, but today I woke up feeling like sht. Could this really be Crohns? I am on Medicaid and when I went in for an emergency appointment they told me I had seasonal allergies. WTF? Help me, what can I do. My symptoms are getting worse and I am just losing more and more weight.

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