I'm 17 and tired of all these problems please help!!!!

by George greenwalt
(Camp hill pa)

I'm living with this dieseas and tired of all the pain. I've also developed absseses. I need advice :(.

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17 and tired of all these problems NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thanks for your post. I am sorry to read that you are having such problems with Crohn's. I assume you have received full diagnosis and are on medication?

The very nature of this disease makes people feel depressed and tired. You are not alone even if it might feel this way. I think it is harder when you are in your teens as you can see others of the same age out enjoying themselves and you feel tired and in pain.

The important thing is to get the disease under control. This means watching every single thing that you eat or drink and trying to ascertain the cause. Sometimes it is a combination of things. Many crohn's sufferers are lactose intolerant. Cut out dairy products first. Keep a food journal.Cut out spicy foods, and anything that is difficult to digest.

If you can get the disease under control you will feel less down and tired. It is because it is controlling you that you are feeling helpless. Don't get despondent. Anyone who has crohn's will understand exactly how you feel.

Sleep when you need to, eat smaller portions of foods, ensure the foods are bland or digestible. Dont' smoke, drink alcohol or lead a stressful life as all can play a part in making it worse.

I hope this helps?


i know how you feel NEW
by: Kat

I'm also 17 :)
I was diagnosed when I was just about to turn 11 and I wasnt able to eat for my birthday. This pattern continued for about 3 years until I just got worse and worse and then I was in hospital every couple of months for weeks or months at a time. I pretty much just listened to doctors advice and stuff, got really depressed when I was about 15 and faked taking my medication because i felt sick with it anyway. That plan totally backfired. Then about a year later I finally decided to have my illeocecal resection, which is accompanied by asathioprine and a half diet of enteral nutrition. I have to continue with this for the rest of my life *yay*
So I dont really know what to tell you, except that you will feel great one day, even if it is only for a day, and then you'll just remember that day and how great you felt and wish for the next one, which will also eventually come.
it can be total crap to live with but it does get better :)

You can help yourself
by: Crohns Mom

Please see http://www.crohnsboy.com/ . You can keep your crohns flairs down naturally, but you have to run specific health protocols which include SCD, or an elemental diet, natural antibiotics, fish oil, and Vitamin D3. Please check it out. Cronsboy is an inspiration, his ideas on health have really help a tremendous amount of people.

Crohns (Margit)
by: Anonymous

think positive !!!!!
Is it hard YES
Is it possible YES

Had it for a long time, you will get down but trust me thinking positive will help.
Talk to your doctor and see if anything he can do or change on your medications.
And please ask him about steroids (prednisone) when I get a severe attack and really have a lot of problems I have to take them, and thank GOD they are available. They do make it easier to deal with the disease.

by: Bobbie

hi, my name is Bobbie and I am 64 years old. I was just diagnoised with crohn's. I have been fighting this battle with bowel obstruction since 1992. I have been in the hospital 13 times for it in the past 4 years. Finally, a new gasterenterologist was given to me on my last hospital stay. He did a blood test and it came back positive. They did not think I had it because of my age. Any way I know how you feel, all the other doctors told me to just live with it. No one took the time to think about crohn's. My pain each time I went to the hospital was worst than having 10 babies. They just pumped my stomach with a engy tube and give me pain meds. At least now I know my problem and I can face it. It is scary not to know. I have had many test and surgeries. I know that the Lord is with me and will get me through this. I thank Him that now I know what I am suffering with. Please have faith in Him and He will bring you throug it all.

fed up and tired
by: Lizzie

hi i know this nasty illness gets you down and you do tired of fighting it, i am 30 years old and have had CD for the last 12 years, i have had 2 operations to remove diseased bowel and i am currently waiting to see if i am to have my whole colon removed and end up with a colostomy, i know this sound sad but i hope they hurry up and give me the damn thing, they keep trying all these drugs and do not seem to get much relif, it is a nasty illness but you have got to keep positive yes you do need to try and get plenty of rest but dnt let it win and get you so down, keep going and if you want to chat email me on matthewatkinson103@btinternet.com xxxx

by: Vanessa

Hello, I understand... sometimes, it can be very hard to live with this disease. Do you have any pasttimes, hobbies? I am 30 years old, I have the CD since I was 17 the most important thing is to accept it.
If you want to talk to someone, you can email me. vanmtl1980@yahoo.ca.
Good luck :)

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