I don't know if this is crohns

by Ss

I've had severe diarrhoea for 10 weeks and cannot walk as severe leg pains especially around the ankles still waiting for an endoscopy could it be crohns?

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Crohn's-Joint pain and Diarrhea NEW
by: Annette


Sorry to hear you are having such a miserable time of it. I hope that you have now managed to have your diagnosis and that you are feeling better as a result. It can be a very frustrating and scary time when you feel so poorly and are not sure what is causing it. From what you have said, it could be crohn’s but there are other conditions that could also have similar symptoms and there is no doubt that it is important to wait for correct diagnosis.

Sadly, it seems to take a long time for this diagnosis to be made. Crohn’s sufferers certainly do suffer with extreme bouts of diarrhea and I am glad that you have taken medical advice as severe bouts will cause you to be malnourished if you are not able to absorb of any nutrients.

There are many symptoms of crohn’s disease, joint pain being one. I would suggest that you keep a diary of all of your symptoms including when the pain is worse, what you ate that day and whether you were experiencing additional stress at any time as these can all act as triggers. It will also help with future diagnosis, the more you can learn about how you feel, the better as you can avoid eating certain foods or drink that might aggravate the condition.

It is important to keep hydrated because when you have long bouts of diarrhea you lose water as well as nutrients. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol. You should also keep your diet as simple as possible – eliminate dairy and spicy foods and that may well help to settle your digestive tract. Your doctor may suggest you take extra supplements to help counteract any potential for malnourished but the doctor will certainly want to work at stopping the diarrhea. This will be the first stage of your learning to come to terms with the condition because it is impossible to cure it currently.

Do let us know how you are getting on.

spinal issue? NEW
by: Cure Crohns and Colitis Charity

Is the ankle pain in conjunction with inflammation in that area or is it more of a nerve pain?
If there is no inflammation present it is worth considering the possibility of trapped, damaged or otherwise impinged nerves from the sacral or lumbar region of the spine.
Both motor and sensory nerves to the leg and abdomen feed out from this area of the lower back and can, if disrupted, cause pain,organ disfunction and/or spasming.
Whatever the cause, it certainly won't hurt to address your vitamin/mineral intake as the previous commentor suggests, although if it IS Crohn's or Colitis I would be wary of the "T" section of the "BRAT" diet - Tea contains caffiene, which is a very bad idea for Crohns, and (debatably) Toast (bread) is in most cases wheat based, which many say is also to be avoided as a potential irritant to the gut.
For both Crohns and nerve issues, electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium and sodium are highly beneficial - large quantities of these will have been lost from your system due to your prolonged diarrhoea (electrolyte defficiency in itself can cause temporary nerve issues like those mentioned).
There are electrolyte replacement compounds for just this purpose such as Diarrolyte, which also help to address the dehydration caused by diarrhoea, but these tate pretty vile. To be honest, store bought sport energy drinks such as powerade, lucozade sport or gatorade work just as well and are far more pallatable!
Good luck with your diagnosis, hopefully whatever the cause it is temporary, but if it is Crohn's you will find lots of great support from the many contributors here.

I don't know if this is crohns NEW
by: Lydia D.

While you are waiting for a diagnosis, I suggest that you discuss with your doctor the necessity of supplementing with various vitamins. The WHO recommend taking 20 mg zinc a day for cases of severe diarrhoea.

- 20 mg zinc
- 500-1000 mg calcium and vitamin D
- iron and vitamin C
- vitamin B-complex (8 B vitamins - 300% RDA for pregnant women)
- selenium
- fish oil capsules or oily fish
- oral rehydration solution for potassium and sodium

Do not take them all at once, but stagger them throughout the day. You are going to end up with anorexia and associated problems if the malabsorption is not addressed. This can lead to heart damage and eventually failure.

Crohn's patients with severe diarrhoea frequently end up with Crohn's anorexia if their doctors do not support them adequately. Anorexia or malabsorption can lead to depression. Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause depression.

I suggest that you also discuss drinking Ensure, Fortisip or similar. You can buy oral rehydration sachets from your pharmacist. The contents will help towards preventing heart palpitations and potential long-term damage to the heart through mineral imbalances.

Swelling and pains in the extremities can be a sign of vitamin and mineral deficiency (malnutrition), which may or may not be attributable to Crohn's disease. http://www.healthline.com/adamcontent/foot-leg-and-ankle-swelling

In the meantime base your diet on the BRAT diet (banana, rice, apple mousse, tea/toast). Avoid everything that exacerbates diarrhoea.

I refer you to the excellent dietary information here for patients with severe diarrhoea:

Good luck with the diagnosis.

Other references

Possibly Crohns NEW
by: Anonymous

I originally woke up unable to put any pressure on my legs as my knees and ankles were swollen. I was misdiagnosed and treated for a year for another ailment before properly being diagnosed for Crohns.

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