Help is this crohn's?

by Trish
(Georgia, U.S.)

I am desperate! My almost 8 year old has been sick since she was five. It started with a vague stomach ache that turned into excruciating bouts of pain. I thought it was appendicitis but they kept finding other infections and would give her tons of antibiotics and she would be fine. The last bout i made them give her a cat scan it was appendicitis and it had ruptured. I thought ok we are fixed it was the appendix all along. No it started again right after she got better from the surgery and infection. This brought us to the pediatric gastro. Test after test has showed nothing she is scheduled for a colonoscopy next Monday. These are her symptoms terrible stomach pain that lortab wont take away, bouts of diarrhea that sometimes has no color, bouts of fatigue, she is either freezing or is having hot sweaty flashes, she had blood this week it was just a little but it had the consistency of mucous, she says her bowels feel like they are on fire and crampy. This last bout she lost five pounds and can't put it back on. I have to carry a bag of pain pills wherever we go cause you never know when it is going to hit. Could this be crohn's? I would appreciate any comments. Thank you for your time!

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response to help is this crohn's
by: Anonymous

My 11 year old son was diagnosed a year ago with Crohn's. He had the stomach cramps, loss of appetite, fatigue, weight loss, etc... He had a colonoscopy and endoscopy a year ago and again recently. He is now getting remicade infusions because the oral medications weren't working for him. I knew little about the disease until he was diagnosed.

sounds like crohns
by: Anonymous

hi there it sounds like crohns. i have crohns too. i've had it for 7 years. i had really bad pains right side of my tummy. loss lots of blood, lost 50 pounds, puking, dizzing and very tired. they were able to find the diagonis with a barium enema and xrays. i hope your little girl will be ok. good luck

good for you
by: Kirsten

Of course non of us are doctors and will never know whether your daughter has Crohn's unless it is shown in a colonoscopy but I just wanted to say good for you for doing everything you can to find out what it is. When I was a child I had much the same symptoms but my parents always thought I didn't want to go to school and they didn't believe me. I was also embaressed to tell them a lot of the things that were going on with me so they didn't know the full extent-just make sure to tell your daughter that she has to tell you the truth about all of her symptoms so that they can help her properly (ie if she is having rectal bleeding). I also agree that she should be tested for Celiac disease-my father has that and it has many of the symptoms you are talking about-good luck and please keep us posted!

Help is this Crohns
by: Anonymous


When you did the blood test, was the c reactive high? You should ask the doctor about this. If the c reactive is high there is a chance it could be crohns. When you have the colonoscopy they will see if there is inflamation and do a biospy. The positive thing is that crohns can be treated and people can live a normal life. My daughther has crohns so i understand what you are going dealing with.

Dear Trish in Georgia...
by: Sharon

My daughter was diagnosed when she was 10. She started out with stomach aches and they just got progressively worse. We tried adding fiber to her diet, reducing gluten, etc and nothing worked. They finally did a colonoscopy and endoscopy and that's how they found it. She was full of ulcers. Get those tests done, they will show if your daughter has Crohn's. - Sharon, NJ

I am by no means a doctor
by: Rachel

But I do know that babies and young children can have severe digestive problems as a result of severe food allergies. I think the change in diet already suggested is a good idea, if for no other reason than to give your child's digestive system a break. I would think about cutting dairy, nuts (including soy) and gluten. But first I would run this by a doctor.

Could be Crohns
by: Anonymous

You should know more after the colonoscopy. I would love to know if it is or not. But doing that test should tell for sure. Have you tried changeing her diet?
Kids like fruit juice and you waht to give them healty veggies and snacks, but some of that will upset someone with IBS or Crohns.
Good Luck.

Celiac Disease associated condition
by: Marilyn

Hi! While you are having your daughter investigated for Crohn's disease please ensure she is also screened for Celiac Disease...97% of people with celiac disease remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed...celiac disease is known to be associated with Crohn's...the treatment is a strict change in diet for life...there are many symptoms as the patient is unable to absorb the disease and check out the symptoms...I have both Celiac disease and Crohn's disease...

by: Sal

I can understand what you are going through. My daughter who is 10 has experienced many of the same symptoms. I finally get fed up with never getting any answers from the doctors and took her to the emergency room at Chidrens Hospital in Long Beach Calif.They dianosed her with Crohnes and put her on predisone. We are now seeing a specailist at Ciders Sinai Med Center in LA. Although she is in remission and off predisone (we have yet to find the perfect maint med), we are still battling some stomach pain and rectal pain. My advice to you is to do reseach on finding a good caring GI doctor in your area and dont settle for anyone but the best, even if it means to take her to the emergency room where that doctor works out of. The kids have a graet chance to live a normal life but we as parents need to learn as much as we can about the desease and try to find the best doctor. Good luck, we all need it.

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