Has Anyone had a sucessful pregnancy without taking any Crohn's medications

by Cindy

Hi i;m Cindy and I've had Crohns disease for about 2 years and was taking medication at first but it was making me really sick so I stopped. Then i found on the internet that you can control Crohns symptoms by cutting dairy and gluten out of your diet and by taking Vitamin D, fish oil, slippery elm, Boswellia and taking Aloe Vera gel. I just started this and am feeling alot better i only go to the bathroom once or twice a day and most of the time my stool is normal but a couple of times it was loose. I want to get pregnant and have just had a miscarriage at 6 weeks :( before i started this new diet. the dr thinks its because i have crohns that i had my miscarriage but im hoping its not. I was wandering if anyone has had a successful pregnancy without medication?

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