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Any suggestion on what to do for a flare up? And do you go to the Dr. everytime you hava a flare

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Flare-up management NEW
by: Annette


Thank you for your post. How to cope with any Crohn's disease flare-ups depend largely on the severity of it. Some are minor flare-ups and simply taking a bit more care and resting can suffice. Some flare-ups may require hospital attention though.

Crohn's is an autoimmune disease which begins in the small intestine. During a flare-up, the inside of the intestine would look sore and have clusters of ulcers. When you eat and drink, this can aggravate these sores so many people feel very low, are in pain and feel depressed during a flare-up.

Most people with Crohn's work hard to avoid flare-ups and when you start to realize how it affects you personally, it is easier to do this. Avoiding foods that are difficult to digest is important as is learning to deal with stress, exercising when possible and trying to stay positive. Flare-ups can last for days or even weeks.

Total bed rest is called for and it's wise to go on a clear-liquid diet. This means no snacking as the only way your bowels can get better is if they do not have to work at digesting food. No fizzy drinks, coffees or ice-creams. Just drink water and keep your body hydrated.

You may need hospital treatment but you most certainly might need advice or additional medication from the doctors so do so if necessary.If you have friends and family who are supportive, then they can at least help you through a bad flare-up. Never be afraid to ask for helpwhen you need it as Crohn's disease has a habit of making people feel isolated and depressed.

I hope that helps?

If anyone else has any advice on how to manage a flare-up, please do get in touch.

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