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My son was diagnosed with Chrons a few weeks ago. He has been feeling very bad for 3 months. He is now on medication that is supposed to help him, but I really don't think it is doing anything.

He has bad stomach pains a couple of times a week. What should I do when this happens?

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by: Annette

Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that your son is having such a hard time. I understand that he is now on medication and hopefully this should settle things down, if it does not though, he needs to seek further medical advice from the doctors. There are different medications and not every type suits every individual.

One of the important things you can do to help your son is to keep a journal - a record if you like of how the disease affects him. There may be specific triggers you see- things that he is doing, or eating or drinking that is aggravating the condition. There are many things that can make a condition worse but I would start looking at his diet to see if he has eaten any spicy foods or has a lot of dairy products.

Some Crohn's sufferers find that they are lactose intolerant and this can be an aggravator.

At one time people thought that stress and food were the causes of Crohn's disease but this is not the case at all. Stress and food are triggers. Keep a food diary and note down everything that has been consumed. If a flare-up is occurring then, it is best to not eat during that time. A plain liquid diet will help the intestines to settle and to heal. This means water and not fizzy drinks. If you can imagine, the intestine can often become very sore and ulcerated so any food or drink that is having to be digested, will make those sores even more sore.

The more detailed your record the better advice you will get from the doctors. In a way, you are helping them to help you. Never be afraid to ask for help, Crohn's can be particularly aggressive and difficult to deal with but the good news is, that once it settles, your son may have long periods of time without pain or discomfort. The trick is knowing how to deal with it and how to still enjoy life.

I hope this helps and wish your son to have some relief from the condition.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, please do offer your support.

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