I have had Fistulas for about a year. I had them drained but they never seem to stop draining. Are they supposed to heel up or is this an ongoing thing? Pretty tired of puss draining and having a wet feeling all the time. Any answers would be appreciated.

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by: RICH

My son is 26 and was diagnosed with CD 2 yrs. ago.
He had fissures and fistulas that were full of puss and very painful and was hospitalized. They pumped him full of antibiotics and started him on Remicade. His fissures and fistulas have gone away. If your CD is active then the fistulas probably won't heal. Thats what they told my son. They had a dilemna when he was in hospital, because if they tried to do surgery to close the f&f's, there was a great risk of them not healing properly because of what the Remicade does to your system to fight off infection, but if they tried the Remicade 1st, it wouldn't give the f&f's a chance to heal. What they did was heavy antibiotics to fight the infection, then did the Remicade and he's doing great and the f&f's have healed up. It seems he's in remission right now.
Maybe ask your Dr. about antibiotics?
Good luck & God bless

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