Feel a flareup coming on

by Noah
(London, Ontario, Canada)

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2007 (age 19) after a period of pain and bloody stools. I was put on Asacol but still felt unwell for a few months until my dosage was increased by a lot. I mildly altered my diet and over a period of 2 years I slowly reduced my doasge until I was eventually taking no medication. I lasted a year with minor symptoms that I wouldnt consider a flare-up. Last year in april I had a flare up and didnt go to my doctor until I got really sick and passed out a few times in my apartment. I started to eat foods that were much easier for digestion and the pain seemed to go away however I was tired, light headed and couldn't do any strenuousf exercise. A new GI put my on prednisone and I got better, slowly weening myself off the drug over a period of 2 months. Again I went 8 months with only mild symptoms but in the past few weeks I have been getting worse. Noticing blood in my stool and light-headedness again. Right now I am ingesting mainly liquids and foods that are easy on digestion. I feel that I can control the pain but am extremely tired and lightheaded. A lot of people on the internet recommend more iron or B12, however my GI explained to me that it is most likely not an iron deficiency but systemic inflammation causes bone marrow to restrict the production of red blood cells and the only way to reverse this is to stop the inflammation. I haven't seen my GI about this flare-up yet because he is very pro-medication and I would like to stay off the drugs if I can. Today I started taking asacol again. In addition I have been smoking marijuanna almost everyday since I was 14 years old. I am now 24. I still don't know if this helps or hinders my condition and I have never told my GI docs. I am a frim believe in meditation and visualization as a way to heal, but in order to do this one must be strict with a routine and focused. I am not writing to look for an answer, just to add to the wealth of knowledge about Crohns disease and individual cases. Maybe someone with a similar case will have some advice for me. I sympathize with all of you and wish you success in the future.

Peace, Love and happiness stuff.

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Feel is a flare-up coming on NEW
by: Annette Young

Hey there,

Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. I can sympathizIse with your situation and your desire to try and cope with the disease as naturally as possible. I come from a natural health background and always feel that there must be a way of coping with any disease without resorting to prescribed drugs.

I do feel that Crohn's disease is a little different though and maybe it is because it is so aggressive and incurable (at the moment anyway).So you have to do what you can to manage the condition. I think accepting the diagnosis is useful as opposed to fighting against it, because it allows you to move forward and look for answers.

it was interesting that you found by monitoring your diet more that the symptoms eased and I do believe that food can cause adverse reactions. The trick is to try and make the food you eat as easy to digest as possible. Eliminate spicy foods and opt for soups, mashed potatoes even pureed foods and these can really help. Simple is best.

I'm glad that you enjoy meditation, I also have great belief that this can help boost inner healing and help to manage stress levels. Stress is another huge trigger that can cause flare-ups so if you can keep the stress and any anxiety to the minimum, this should also help.

Try this link for alternative medication.


You can also have a look at this link too.


Hope this is useful for you.

Best of luck,


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