Every day and week same crohns pain different day

by Denise Coker
(Winfield Al)

One day I may have moderate symptoms, cause have been in pain wi this for 20 years. The next day I'm on so much pain it last for days. I'm at a sever breaking point. To wear I done even want to eat pudding for the fear of how bad it hurts. Does everyone experience this? Food I'd the enimy no matter how good it looks it not worth th pain. I have lost so much weight in my face I can't believe it's me.

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Every day and week NEW
by: Annette Young

I am sorry to read that you have so much pain and discomfort after eating. You are not alone. Many people dread the thought of food because they find it difficult to digest foods easily and suffer any number of symptoms thereafter.

When you are in so much pain, day in and day out, it can be easy to feel that you are the only one but when you consider that about half a million people in the US alone suffer from some type of IBD, most of them will have experienced similar to you- it doesn't make it go away but it gives you some scale of the problem. Getting that awful cramping feeling is sickening and it might be worth you trying some relaxation techniques to help ease the cramps.

Of course, when you eat foods that are difficult to digest, then you will experience abdominal pain, so in the first instance, take your food back to basics- stews, soups, pureed foods etc. Be kind to your digestive tract. Once you have become used to eating this type of diet, try to learn some basic relaxation techniques and mentally work your way through your body eliminating tension. When you are in pain, you are probably holding a lot of tension all over. These techniques can help you to feel a lot better in yourself.

This is not a cure however but it can help.

Essentially, your digestive tract becomes inflamed, ulcerated and the walls can start to thicken and swell up over time. This thickening ca slow down the movement of the food you eat and this obviously will cause pain. Eventually, you could end up with obstructions there. Having food such as soup makes it much easier to pass through but do make sure you are getting enough nutrients. You need to keep your body as healthy as possible so that you stay strong.

Often, Crohn's can go into remission seemingly without reason, and I hope that you get some respite from the condition. Do be aware that you will always have crohn's but it is learning to live with it that is the trick.

Relaxation and meditation can help to take away the stress and anxiousness regarding every day life or the condition itself. As I said it's not a cure-all, but if you use it alongside other aids, then you may feel a difference.
Fingers crossed.

I attach a link to a website that might be of interest.

Best wishes,

Every day and week same crohns pain different day NEW
by: Lydia D.

I would encourage you to keep a patient food/mood/symptoms/medication diary and after a few weeks discuss it with your gastroenterologist. I refer you to the following:


Crohn's daily activity index

The Bristol Stool Scale http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_Stool_Scale

The Comparative Pain Scale: http://www.tipna.org/info/documents/ComparativePainScale.htm

I would also add that vitamin and mineral deficiencies can exacerbate the pains. I suggest that you discuss with your doctor the merits of taking a daily vitamin B-complex tablet (neurones, pain,...), fish oil capsules (neurones, skin, hair, eyes, ...), magnesium (bones), iron, zinc (immune system, hair, nails, ...), etc.

If you take zinc then you should buy yourself a Sabona medical grade non-magnetic copper bangle to wear all the time. Supplementation with zinc prevents the uptake of copper in the body. Copper deficiency leads to joint pain. http://www.natural-health-information-centre.com/copper.html

Vitamin and Mineral Fact Sheets

If you have lost so much weight, it might be a very good idea to sip Boost or Ensure throughout the day. There is not going to be any wound healing if you are malnourished.

pain with food NEW
by: Anonymous

unfortunately with chrons food is the enemy as long as you drink plenty of fluids. eat little and often as i have been told over the years that sometimes seems to work for me although everyone is different. if you eat a full meal you will feel pain, so just eat very small amounts.

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