Emergency surgery found crohn's in my sister

by Susie
(Tullahoma, Tennessee)

My sister had IBS symptoms for years and had a colonoscopy 5 years ago with the diagnosis being IBS again. She had emergency surgery Friday the 27th of March and had to have 60% of her colon on the right removed and one foot and 1/2 foot removed of her small intestine removed, evidently this is considered a resection. She is in horrific pain, and food taste awful to her. I want to help her, I told her to rinse her mouth out with aloe juice,,,,,she did and her mouth felt much better, and she was able to eat that night something soft.

My question is can she drink aloe juice, she has not been put on any meds yet for the Crohn's, she is just post op one week plus 3 days as of today. I want to help her any way that I can.

What can she eat? Will she be able to gain back the weight she is losing? Please help a sister help a sister.

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Specific Carbohydrate Diet helps !
by: Chris Olson

My wife and many others we've told have had great success with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Check for this online, and also the book "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" explains the science of the diet, as well as provides a list of legal foods and recipes too

by: Anonymous

Well after much time has passed my sister is now better, she is eating small meals, and taking some form of alternate to remicaide. Still has problems with eating a food she knows will give her grief for a few days. She no longer smokes, or drinks alcohol. Fried foods are out of her diet. No nuts, no popcorn, lots of bland food, but she says worth the health benefit.

My son who was diagnosed with Crohns last year. Admitted to hospital with an almost 100 % blockage in his small intestine. His colonosopy showed several ulcers that after biopsy was performed, confirmed the Crohns, he was started that day in the hospital with Remicaide infusions.

The Remicaide is very expensive, and he does have insurance, but his percent he has to pay, is about $500.00 every 8 weeks. If you do not have insurance, the company that makes Remicaide, sometimes with the help of your Doctor, will give you samples, and help with the Remicaide infusions.

He usually gets a very bad headache after each infusion lasting about a day, and over time has started getting a skin rash, but states that both are worth having no pain, and the ability to eat.!

Very worth looking into.

He is 100 % better. He has gained weight, and has no pain, or very little with eating the wrong foods. He has stopped smoking, and hasnt had any alcohol for many, many years. He also eats about 6 to 7 times a day. He finds that not overloading his stomach helps with digestion. He no longer gets to enjoy fried foods, and trys to cook all that he eats. Staying away from processed foods.

I hope this is helpful to some.

Susie the sister
Susie the mom of a crohns patient

new use of Golden Seal for helping Crohns?
by: susie

I have purchased Golden Seal for my son, and I have encouraged my sister, who has Crohns, to try as well. My son is having good results with Golden Seal from an organic farm in Georgia. One dropper full 15 minutes before meals.

emergency crohns
by: tom charlton

hi susie i am tom i can understand what you are going through i am going through the same thing . My wife has had all her large colon removed and nearly all her small bowel removed and also a kidney all through crohns . your sister has a large amount of bowel left so the best advise i can give is a high fibre diet and isotonic drinks they are full of vitamins , if she has a colostomy bag keep away from nuts and anything with seeds as this can cause a blockage and is very painful .ask the consultant about remicade for her treatment of crohns . all the very best for the future . tom

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