Eating on Modulen

I accidentally eat a small piece of tuna, im 4 weeks into my treatment will i need to start over? The piece was so small it just dissolved in my mouth so i feel like i should be fine but i am still worried

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by: mamamia1967

my son was on modulen and once ate what I call real food. worried me, but like yourself was a tiny bit. Really you need to try sticking to the modulen formula. But I cant see why you would have to start over. My son didn't. but he was so hungry. Try to stick to the modulen alone. If you do get hungry talk to your nutrients specialist she may up the amount you use to help fill you up.

Why was tuna bad?!!!
by: Kit Campbell

I cannot believe, in all my forty years of having Crohn's Disease and now free of it since 2000, that something like MODULEN by Nestlé has been suggested as a solution!!

This is crazy guys! I'm going to have to do a YouTube vid on this one ASAP!

The ONLY way this diet is alleviating symptoms slightly is due to the fact that solid food is not being consumed at first, relieving the inflamed bowel.

Sugar = visceral fat = food for fungus = the reason the gastrointestinal disease is affecting you on a pain level.

Check your environments as to why the fungus has been triggered. Remove ALL sugar and grain out of the diet. Eat plenty of protein, high fats, clean meats, organic vegetables.
Make sure you bring your living system out of 'fight or flight', or the reason this all started for you will always continue.

Sorry for the diatribe! But I've just heard about this process and investigated the ingredients!

Be your own doctor. Trust your Self, trust your body. It will soon tell you when things are right.

Don't trust your mind :)

All the best


piece of tuna & you r on Modulen diet...?
by: Anonymous

Sorry I might not be of much help here except if your Crohn's Specialist put you on the Modulen diet then that would be your fastest answer to your question. Ask that person. Otherwise, I know of a person that a Specialist said to her that she might want to try this diet but the situation of it is that there is a high percentage of Crohnies that find it hard to stick to such.
Myself with Moderate Crohns found that one has to learn what your body will react to OR maybe that Crohns to each of us just has a blue print of it's own that it goes into remission for no reason when it does. I find that it can be triggered by some of the foods but it does not follow what some others with Crohn's have for a trigger food. Best of Luck to you for a speedy remission!

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