Crohns disease and had a Remicade

How long do you have to wait for to plan a baby if you just had a remicade infusion..?

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Remicade affects at a cellular level
by: Kit Campbll

6 months (apparently) for Remicade to be eradicated from your system, 2 years for steroids such as Prednisone etc.

Every environment you put your body through will affect it at a cellular level, this will include any child that you carry.

Please ... PLEASE, realize that if you are suffering from any gastrointestinal issues, that there is a cause. Find the cause and you will cease all suffering - without the need for drugs.

Drugs are important in some circumstances, but, as someone who had Crohn's disease for 40+ years of her life, operations, medications, I found the 'cause' and it was simple. No drugs are necessary for me now :)

Just take some time to assess what could be causing your body to be in fight or flight, what foods or drink you are consuming. Create some changes, instead of looking for the doctor's quick fix for the current symptoms that are occurring.

Remicade is not the answer.
Trust yourself. Don't only trust a doctor. They certainly do not know everything.

Remember, Crohn's disease is just a name.
Nothing more.
A name for symptoms.
Find the cause, create the change, the symptoms will go away - for good.

I wish you all the best for your journey, a path I used to walk for many years :)

With love

Getting Pregnant and Remicade
by: DMB


The best answer to this question is to talk to your doctor. He or she is in the best position to answer this question.

That being said, we did a little research and it appears that it takes about seven weeks on average for the medication (infliximab) to be cleared out of your system.

However, there are people that continue to take the medication during pregnancy, and there is very little research pointing to the fact that this is or is not potentially harmful.

Again, speak to your doctor, do a little research of our own and determine what your best course of action is.

Good luck.

-CD&S Editor

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