Crohns diet foods that will trigger a flare up

What are safe foods while suffering from Crohn's ? Will certain foods trigger a flare?

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Why are people advertising here?!!
by: Kit Campbll

The last two comments on this post are advertising their links.
I'm not quite sure how this has any bearing on Crohn's disease at all, but there you go!

Please guys, respect this situation and go and post your need for profit elsewhere.

This space is to help and assist those who suffer with gastrointestinal issues, and that's it. Any links should be in this vein, and this alone.

Thank you


What you feed your body, feeds your candida fungus
by: Kit Campbell

Going to make this short and sweet :)

Do a candida test on yourselves.
If you find you are in overgrowth, this is the cause for your symptoms that simply get named with this disease or that.

Don't attempt to argue with me! Just test yourselves.

Do the spit test first (google that or I have it posted on my FB page TheIrritableBrain)

If you are positive, do the anti-candida diet. This cuts out all sugars - lactose, sucrose, fructose, .... ALL the 'oses! All wheat and grains are included in this as they make sucrose.

You will find that your gut will immediately feel relief.

You will find that for the first few days that you may feel like you have the flu, due to the fact that you are starving the C. Albicans and they are dying off and eliminating their toxins inside of you. This can be abated with certain trace elements and suppliments.

Trust me. You don't have to suffer with these so-called 'incurable' diseases, because NONE of them are incurable!

If you don't believe me and you suffer, then I can only assume that suffering is what you feel you have to go through.

And you're right. Whatever you think - you are right :)

But I just want to let you know that your life now was my life 14 years ago. And it is no longer anything like that!

I want to empower people who have been given a diagnosis and let them understand that they have a choice to heal themselves and to share my knowledge and personal experience as proof that the human spirit is powerful and can heal through the power of thought and nutrition.

I am passionate about people understanding that they have a choice, that medicine is not the be all and end all.

Why? because when I was 12 years old, others, through ignorance and trust, allowed my health to be handed over to the medical profession and again, others chose for me and I became a prisoner of that system for 40+ years :)

Change your mind about what you 'know'. In fact, KNOW NOTHING and go forward from there!

All the best


Safe foods
by: Anonymous

While safe foods vary according to the individual, some foods have a track record worth noting. I have been following the "FODMAPS" diet (google it)for IBS sufferers and it starts with a base list of foods that may prove useful. It seems to be low carb, gluten and legume free.That doesn't mean that one should stick to this diet forever. You go off it after two weeks and add one suspected item at a time. To add a wrinkle to all of this, if your colon has bacteria over growth (mine did)one appears to be allergic to many strange and not so strange foods. I asked for and received Flagle (an antibiotic for colon bacteria). After my dosage was complete, all my food sensitivities went away.) My GI doc was reluctant to prescribe an antibiotic due to fear of a CF diff infection. However, I persuaded my PCP to prescribe it. Be sure to take probiotics while on an antibiotic. It replaces the good bacteria so no imbalance occurs. Good luck!

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