crohn's and pregnant but starting to get really ill

by jessica
(york )

im 16, im nearly 10 weeks pregnant and have crohn's disease its starting to get really bad im even getting hot sweats im worried it going to harm my baby im having my infiximab tomorow im hopeing it will get better!

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Crohn's and Pregnant
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. This must be really scary for you and for anyone else experiencing similar.

I would strongly suggest that you go back to your doctor and ask for some advice. There is no point taking any risks.

Often pregnancy seems to have the opposite effect on women and the crohn's disease seems to go into a sort of remission during the pregnancy. This is obviously not the case at the moment for you.

Doctors usually recommend that you wait before conception until your Crohn's naturally goes into remission and to ensure that your body is as healthy as it can be to start with. They recommend ensuring a vitamin rich diet and folic acid. Folic acid is found in food sources that usually aggravate those with Crohn's so it is better to take supplements.

Some women find that after a month or so, their symptoms ease substantially and they can enjoy their pregnancy, hopefully, this will happen to you as well - albeit slightly delayed.

If you are on medication, do check with your doctor that they are safe because some medications are not to be taken during pregnancy.

Don't take chances, please do check with your doctor and I hope they can help you.


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