Crohn's and Pregnancy

by Rachele

I am 49 years old and have had crohn's all of my life and gave birth to 4 healthy children and with each pregnancy I went into appears that pregnancy stopped the flare ups in me. However, two of my children have now been diagnosed with Crohn's but not as severely as my crohn's is.

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Crohn's and Pregnancy NEW
by: Annette Young


Thanks for your post.
It's an interesting one because I hear from many people who are trying to get pregnant and they have mixed concerns. Obviously, the need to become pregnant can become overpowering but I know one great concern is that any children will develop Crohn's too, and we all know what a horrible disease it is.

I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you and I hope that your children do not feel the full impact of the disease. i hear more and more now that children are contracting the disease - some are very young. I think the best you can do for them is to teach them all about the disease and how it impacts and this might enable them to reduce the impact of various common triggers.

The great thing to do would be to teach them creative visualization techniques, and let them enjoy physical activities such as yoga which massages the internal organs, increases flexibility and helps them to approach life in a more positive manner. Stress is one of the main triggers with Crohn's. Children soak up information like this quickly and it will soon become the norm.

I have heard women say that they have suffered less with their crohn's during pregnancy, I am not sure why this is.

I have attached a link which may give more useful information for you.

I wish you all the best of luck.


by: Anonymous

im sorry to hear that ur kids did get crohns, but im 22 and i was trying to have a baby and it just seems like i probably want be able to have a baby. Is there some medications that can help inprove the chances of getting pregnant, are was your just natural? cause now im really to a point where its like i want be able to have a baby and if i were to get pregnant, then i would miscarriage.

by: Anonymous

Hi could you please tell me what sort of age your children were diagnosed. I had a brill pregnancy but afterwards wasa nightmare&I had to be admitted to Hospitol.

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