Crohn's and Pain relief-with other conditions....

by Tammy

Hello, I was officially diagnosed with Crohn's almost 2 years ago but lived with the symptoms for many years. I have several other conditions that complicate matters. I have daily diarrhea (IBS), GERD, arthritis in lower back along with fibromyalgia (which only developed after chemo treatments for breast cancer 9 years ago). Needless to say at the age of 45 I feel more like I am 90 most days... I currently take asacol (sp?) for the crohns but I am also prescribed Ultram and percoset for the fibro., my question is my GP prefers me to take the ultram for pain however being aspirin based it often causes my stomach to be upset and I have noted lately more abdominal pain and I am wondering if the aspirin could be causing problems with the crohns disease. I understand the concern taking percoset however I don't want to be taking something that will worsen my condition and to be able to function daily I need something to control the pain. Thank you in advance for any info and advise-

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I hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry you are suffering. I too have Chron's and have gone through any operations for it. In regards to the asprine, my GI told me not toake it as it may cause complications. I am on entocort and Byntyl. The bentyl works almost like a muscle relaxer and lowers the spasms in my intestines. My suggestion in to talk with your GI also about all the medications and possibly make some changes. I hope this helps and you feel better

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