Crohn's and Constant Pain

by Julia
(Laurel, MD)

I am new to this site, but certainly not new to experiencing the dubious joys of having Crohn's Disease. I was diagnosed in 1987, although after going back through my history as a teenager, I know I had the disease longer than that.

I, too, have constant pain. I live with it on a daily basis and take pain medication under the supervision of a pain specialist every day. I greatly dislike having to depend on this medication, but to live a half-decent life, the medication is a must. I tried all of the medications given for Crohn's but they either don't work, I have bad side effect to the meds., or the medication works for awhile and then stops. Right now, I'm on no Crohn's medication. Just the pain medication, Prozac for the debilitating depression and Xanax for the anxiety and panic attacks I suffer.

I've gone through so many tests with the results saying there should be no reason for all of the pain I'm experiencing. That makes no sense to me at all and sometimes causes me to lash out at the doctors who are just trying to help. It's a vicious circle.

Unfortunately, I am once again going through the agony of a Crohn's flair-up and will be going back to my GI next week. I do not look forward at all to the tests again; they will also be looking to see if the Crohn's has spread to my esophogus(?).

It's very hard to stay positive in the face of having such a debilitating disease. It's hard for family and friends to understand the agonizing pain and the complete exhaustion that comes with these attacks.

I'm taking each day as it comes. Until they find a more effective medication for this disease or a cure, it's all we can really do. I try to think as positively as possible.

Living with this disease is barely living at all. I have held down a job through all of these years of suffering, but the stress, pain and uncertainty has taken its toll. I will now begin the merry-go-round of trying to get SSI.

I wish everyone permanent remission and a cure to this insidious disease.

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