crohns and bone pain

by shell

I have had crohn's for many years with one surgery and about a 130 hospital admissions. Now for the past 6 months I have encountered what was mild bone pain and now chronic bone pain particularly in the hips lower back full leg and feet. I have nunbness and burning feelings in different areas with permanent numbness in my feet underneath, with pain being so severe that i can not stand on my feet at times. I take several medications for crohns and work fulltime when i can. Does any one have any suggestions as to what i can do to get rid of this agonising pain?

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Crohn's and bone pain/ neuropathy
by: Anonymous

Yes, low vitamin D level, also low Vitamin B12 can cause those symptoms. Vitamin deficiencies are common with Crohn's. And as the first anonymous writer stated, it is important to see the Dr if you are on Humira, because it can cause neuropathy.

I also have Crohn's disease, and I had humira induced neuropathy and also the bone pain and the shooting pains that you described.

My humira had to be discontinued, and my crohns symptoms returned with a vengeance. I am currently trying to get it under control. I have been prescribed stelera, tincture of opium, cortifoam. Best of luck to you.

by: Anonymous

If you are on Humira or something like it, get checked immediately. You could have a Humira induced neuropathy that could be irreversible!

vitamin d
by: Anonymous

Get your vitamin D checked.

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