Crohn's and best age to get pregnant

by Stacey Rothwell
(Dallas, Texas)

I have had Crohn's for 11 years. I have been in remission with the aid of Imuran and cannabis for the past 9 since a surgery in 2001, with only one flair up due to taking an herbal supplement called, "Valerian Root." If you have Crohn's, never take this supplement!!! Anyways, I am now 26 and I would love to have a baby, I went off my imuran for 3 months and was fine, so I know I'm strong enough to do that. However, my husband is not yet ready and is going to begin graduate school in 7 months. I have a decent paying job and could afford a child, but he wants to wait until grad school is over, which I completely understand. I am scared that since I have been doing so well for so long, that my time is running out, Crohn's typically flares again after 10-12 years after a surgery. I have noticed slight changes in the past few years. When is the best age for a woman with Crohn's to get pregnant? If I wait until I am 29, will I have lost my opportunity, will it be too late to have a healthy pregnancy off of my medication?

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When you feel ready
by: Jill

I was diagnosed with Crohn's at 29. I had my daughter at 31 and my son just last year at 35. I had symptoms through both pregnancies. The medications just didn't work for me 6mp with the first and Cimzia with the secind. Both of my children are healthy and perfect in every way.
Whether you have Crohn's or not, having children should always be right for you and your husband. Don't rush into a decision b/c you feel your time is running out. You will be able to have children even if you wait, and you both may be happier if you do.

Crohns and best age to get pregnant
by: Anonymous

I had had Crohns for almost 13 years before I got pregnant.. I was symptom free the whole time I was pregnant. It was a welcome change.

Not a good idea to rush into thing :)
by: Vanessa

I do not think there are good moments, there are some medication that you can take even if you are pregnant (some will not affect your baby) Was it your GI that told you to stop imuran?
It is important to wait until the both of you are ready to have a child :).
What did your GI specialist told you? Did you ask him his advice?
Good luck.

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