Could i have Crohns with none of the symptoms

by Craig

Hi folks, i have stumbled onto this site this evening whilst looking for information.
In March 2016 i had severe abdominal pain, turns out i had a large abdominal abscess caused by appendicitis(i had no idea i had appendicitis), anyway, the abscess was drained and appendix removed.
Roll on a couple of months and i get a letter from the surgeon saying i was being referred to a Gastroenterologist as my appendix analysis show signs of stuff that can be present in someone with Crohns disease.
I turned up for my appointment with the Gastro Doc and he tells me i have Chrons? i was surprised to say the least. I get sent for a Colonoscopy which showed nothing, my Calprotectin levels were normal and bloods were fine. I have no symptoms at all except i am quite gassy and get a strange fluttering sensation in the abdomen regularly. No pain except some wind pain and i eat a normal diet.
I have another appointment soon, no idea what happens next, i feel totally normal but is this normal?

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