Coping with the pain.

by Maree
(Townsville, Queensland, Australia )

I am 47 years old and have had my second colonoscopy in 18 months. I have three ulcers and have mild chron's. I am in the middle of a flare up, or what I presume to be a flare up. I am on steroids etc, but the pain is a my problem. On Friday last week I could not stand straight up the pain really had a good grip on me. I cannot take or rather stay away from codeine as it constipates me and as a newly diagnosed have read that constipation should be avoided. What kind of pain relievers are there on the market, just in time of severe pain. I haven't been to work for a couple of days now and it is definitely getting the better of me. Looking for direction.

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by: Anonymous

Don't take ibuprofen if you have Crohn's. For most people, it can cause more bleeding. I've been seriously warned by many doctors of different specialties that I should not take any form of ibuprofen. Unfortunately, I haven't found pain meds that work for me, but I have severe Crohn's so maybe you will have more options open to you. All the best.

Coping with the pain
by: Anonymous

Millerspas, Librax and Tramacet is working for mee

Pain Relief
by: michelle


i have had chrons for 12 years now but not found many painkillers that help, i do use hot water bottle, hot baths and sometimes ipbrufin but can makes some people worse,also breathing exercises and relaxation, sorry thats all i can say.


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