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constipation and crohn's
what can you take besides a stick of dynamite.

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Constipation NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for writing in.

Crohn's disease affects people in very different ways. Commonly, crohn's sufferers tend to experience extreme bouts of diarrhea but complications can and do occur causing constipation.

I would urge you to seek medical advice if you have not already done so because these complications are serious and should not be ignored. Obstruction of the intestines occur as the bowel wall starts to narrow. With this narrowing of the bowel wall, malnutrition can start to occur because absorption is poor. Unfortunately, tears within the lining of the anus know as fissures or inflammation can cause fistulas to form.

So it is very important to seek help medical assistance for this even if it is just to eliminate any possibility.

For any Crohn's sufferer, it can be very difficult to absorb the right levels of nutrients anyway but if any further complications set in this lack of absorption can become a real problem.

I would suggest keeping an eye on your diet and ensuring that you eat really easy to digest foods so that you can still eat and yet do not put too much pressure on your digestive tract. You can top up with supplements to ensure your body stays as healthy as possible, but would also suggest seeking out the services of a good nutritionist if possible.

As mentioned, Crohn's affects people differently and while some do not get constipation they suffer with diarrhea, skin problems, arthritis- type symptoms or even inflammation of the mouth and eyes.

If you are on medication and you find it is not working, then you do need to go and get more support from your doctor. When the condition starts to change symptoms occur or previous symptoms become worse, it is vital with this type of disease that your health specialist is kept up to speed with the changes because Crohn's disease can become very aggressive.

As you probably know, there is no known cure for this disease yet, so it is a case of managing it in the best way possible.

I have attached a link that you may find useful:

Please do let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,

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