Constipation with crohns

I am 17 yrs old from india. I have been diagnosed with chrons disease 4 months ago and now am in remission. I take budez 3mg and aziothiprene 10 mg daily with an iron , calcium and folic acid supplement. Now the problem is i am having problem in passing my stools. It takes quite a pain to pass stools and now it has become very irregular too. So what should be done?

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Constipation with Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

I was sorry to read that you are suffering with Crohn's disease and then constipation. People believe that diarrhea is the symptom experienced but it can be either. I agree with Lydia's comment in that iron tablets can cause constipation. I believe there are some gentler iron solutions but you would need to check up on this.

When you have Crohn's disease you have to take a whole lifestyle approach to the condition and make key changes and this also means avoiding certain foods. White flour products are not good for anyone but certainly not if you have any digestive problems. It is important to keep your body hydrated fully and this means reducing other drinks especially alcohol and fizzy drinks and instead having water.

Crohn's as a condition makes life very difficult because it makes you go against the grain when it comes to certain food types. We are all told to increase our fibre or good bowel health but with Crohn's it can make it worse.

Reducing stress from your life is a good first step too. I know we cannot go through life without some stress but learning to manage it is essential as this will affect your Crohn's. Try a meditation session each day, it will make a big difference to our whole outlook and hopefully will help with the Crohn's too.

Best of luck,


Constipation with crohns NEW
by: Lydia D.

Iron tablets cause constipation. As do the certain foods. Avoid bananas, white flour products (rotis, nan bread, chapattis, parathas, etc.), fatty fried foods, sweets, tea, etc. More here:

It is really important that you drink at least 2 litres water a day - not Colas and sodas and other sugary drinks.

One cup of coffee (not more) should get your bowels working in the morning. However, coffee is a diuretic and can worsen constipation if you are not drinking enough fluids. This is especially important if it is warm - in this case you need more than 2 litres fluid a day.

Hydration is very important because Crohn's patients are at risk of stroke other thrombotic disease. As a teenager you are not exempt from this. I suggest that you carry a bottle of water with you all the time and make yourself sip from it. This will also help your liver clear the toxins from your body, especially the breakdown products from your medication.

You could try prunes or prune juice with your breakfast in addition to a cup of coffee. They work as a natural laxative.

The caveat is that a higher fibre diet may exacerbate your Crohn's. If this happens, then eat more of the lower fibre vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, ladies's fingers (okra), mushrooms, etc.

Constipation with Crohn's NEW
by: Anonymous

My daughter uses Miralax when this happens. She also takes a probiotic called Culturell. Per her doctor this is fine to take and they are now recommening it to other patients. This probiotic has helped her to have more normal bowel movements.

constipation NEW
by: Anonymous

i also have this problem use sennakot one a day and also and enema, enemas cause less bloating so preferable to sennakot

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