Constipation and Crohn's

Did anyone start off with chronic constipation before getting crohn's? I have crohn's and my seven year old daughter has had chronic constipation (despite eating plenty of fibre, drinking plenty of water and getting enough exercise) for the last four years. I am worried she may be prone to getting crohn's later on!

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Constipation and Crohns NEW
by: Annette Young


I am sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering with chronic constipation, it must be very unpleasant for her and as a Crohn's sufferer yourself, it must be quite worrying for you.

Unfortunately, some people do start off with chronic constipation and these symptoms can continue off and on for a long time, but I do wonder whether she is eating too much fibre?

I say this because those people who are affected by inflammatory bowel disease can have greater problems at digesting the fibre and it can increase these unpleasant symptoms. It might be an idea to break down the fibre so that it is easier for her to digest, boil or mashed for example or pureed. It enables the digestive processes to take place without working too hard.

Constipation can also occur if the intestine is narrowed and a narrowing of the intestines occurs in Crohn's so it worth exploring this aspect. I would certainly suggest taking her to the doctor to eliminate the potential for Crohn's at this point because no one should have chronic constipation continuously.

If constipation occurs quite suddenly and she experiences vomiting and severe abdominal pain, it can be an indicator that there is an obstruction and you should seek medical assistance immediately.

It is also worth noting that stress can be a contributor to constipation and if your daughter is experiencing some external pressures at school or socially, then the stress can manifest in this way. I feel that you have doubts and concerns and therefore it is worth taking her to the doctors to ensure that there is not anything more serious there.

There is more information here:
and here:

I hope this helps. Do let us know how she gets on.

I agree with the constipation issue and CD

My mother is in her late 70s,diagnosed with cd in her forties. She is an extremely fit lady who has had an illeostomy for 25 years. Her general problems include back pain,cramp,fatigue (never gives in to it though) and all associated symptoms of cd. Good days and bad days. She is a fiesty person who, with the exception of extreme flare up, (rare) has never taken to her bed. My whole family, including all maternal grandchildren, show signs of cd, yet are all extremely fit, members of sports teams etc! and generally healthy with no major bowel issuses apart from bouts of IBS etc. My mother says in her early days she could go three weeks without going to the toilet,so constipation was a serious problem in her life, which I believe has contributed to the exacerbation of her illness leading to illeostomy,hence my family taking great care with bowel function. I believe cd is a general inflamatory illness, wich involves bowels, yet a person can have all the symptoms of cd and also have fairly normal bowels, with IBS as the general diagnosis. Also some people having this more severely than others, especially if it involves ulceration and bleeding etc... As the Americans say, go figure!!! :)

I have it
by: Jen

I've also had a lot of constipations before CD diagnosis. Then stool became softer, but with mucosa. And then I was diagnosed with Crohn's.
I have no problems with stool now, but pain is annoying when I'm flaring

Chrons and constipation
by: Anonymous

I have had constipation through out my entire life. I have also been recently diagnosed with chrons disease and I am awaiating a colanoscopy. I found that my flare up occur mostly when I Am constipated. I also have alot of back pain and crmaps in my lower abdomen.I am sick everyday its been like this for almost 2yrs now!!! I just want to feel better and feel normal!

by: carmella

Im no expert as ive not long been diagnosed with CD myself but im 22 currently and for years(all through my teeneage years) i suffed with constipation.I suffed with this right up untill i ended up in hospital. Since being diagnosed with CD my bowel movements have completely changed, just like that, which i have found quite strange, but thankful :) I now go at least once a day.

childhood constipation.
by: Angie

I strongly urge all parents who have children with constipation to use probiotics, Neways have a fabulous one called Lacto-Flora.when my son was 3 yrs old we went through months of constipation and tried lots of things and Lacto Flora cured him.

re: constipation and crohns
by: shadowjesse

Years ago, that is how I was diagnosed. I would not go to the bathroon for days and the food would just sit until I threw it up. The cramping ws awful and after testing I ws diagnosed with crohns. AFter high doses of prednisone i was clear for 15 years but just had a resection two weeks ago. I had the same fears about my son. He always complained of stomach aches and was always in the bathroom. I took him to a peds GI with my concerns and a colonoscopy showed nothing. It seemed to be stress related. Now he is fine.

constipation and chrons
by: Lizzie loose bowels

Hi i have had the same with my children but tests have been done and come back all clear, my Consultant has informed my my children have a 3 percent chance of getting chrons if both parents have it, try not worry many children have childhood constipation x

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