Constipation and crohns disease

I feel as though I constantly need the toilet, it's really painfully and feels like it's trying to force it way out.
When I try to go, it won't come and I am now only going to the toilet about once or twice a fortnight. Any help?

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Constipation and Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young


Thanks for writing in. Most people associate diarrhea with Crohn's disease but there are people- like yourself who suffers with feelings of constipation.

It occurs when the stools move too slowly and those feces that stay within the bowel, become dry and hard which makes it more difficult to pass them. For most people, constipation can be quite harmless, albeit it very uncomfortable.
Some people have slower bowel movements and may go as little as twice a week but you should always go when you need to. The train of thought that you should go once or more a day is not typical of everybody.

When you eat and the food then leaves your stomach, it usually is just partially digested and as it moves through your body, valuable fluids are removed while it moves down into the colon, this is where it becomes transformed into the typical feces. The problems occur if it stays too long in the colon.

Think of the intestines as an elastic band usually, but the problems can occur when inflammation takes place causing the walls to swell outwards and inwards, restricting the narrow passage way. Blockages are quite common unfortunately with Crohn's sufferers and I think that you should ensure you do not have a blockage as this could be indicative as to why you are struggling with your bowel movements.

I think it is worth a check-up if only to give you peace of mind.

I hope this helps?

Best wishes,


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