Chrons and constant pain

by jaime smith

I was just curious what other ppl with chrons do about the pain? i was diaognosed withchrons in jan 201o nd since then habve spent an accumalated 3 months inthe hospital....everyday of my life is hard. I have constant pain, constant diearhea and just recently strated to vomint randomly. i have tried every pain medicine known to man and was doing good taking norco 10/325 but my husband has recently lost his job which means no more insurance. I have been taking pain meds feveryday for over a year and now since i had to stop takiing them becuase of no insurance i am sick from what im guessing are withdrawls...anyone have any suggestions on what would work for the pain of the chrons and help me with the withdrawls. I have already applied for state insurance but we all know that is a process.....just looking for some suggestions

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Pain Management NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Jaime,

I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing so much pain. Crohn’s is a terrible disease and it can quite literally seem as if your life and health is being ripped apart at the seams. I hope by the time you receive this that your circumstances are a little better and you can seek medical assistance again.

Did you know that stress can act as a trigger and cause crohn’s flare-ups ? I would imagine that the fear of being ill and the contact pressure of being in pain would be a substantial trigger enough but with your husband being out of work, these anxieties could be taken to a whole new level.

It’s important that you take a whole lifestyle approach to managing the disease. There is no cure as you probably know and although drugs can control the disease, they do not cure.

Eating although essential, could cause your symptoms to feel worse. Some people find fasting to be really useful and if you feel that the pain is so bad and that digestion is so difficult, it might be worth trying it. This does not work for everyone but is worth a try for a few hours at least. Then ascertain if the pain is better or worse. It’s important to keep taking fluids i.e. plain water and after your fast, perhaps pureed vegetables or soups would be best.

Deep breathing has proven to be beneficial for some. Try to focus just on the in-breath, counting it in for 4 and then releasing to a count of 4. Try to blot everything else out of your mind and to relax your body as you breathe out. You could also try meditation and creative visualization. Try healing visualizations, lovely colors moving in and out of your body or you could try picturing yourself in a natural scene, in a hammock on a beach – anything that appeals.

There is no substitute for medical assistance but trying to eradicate stress and eating foods that are nourishing and yet have a minimal impact on the digestive system is a good idea. Remember that other people are experiencing the same problems and you are not alone, even if it might seem that way.

If anyone has any suggestions for pain management, why not write in and share?

Annette Young

Sorry to say...
by: Anonymous22UK

Sorry to say but marijuana seems to be the best thing if you have no insurance. Im in England and get as much morphine as i need from the NHS but had a spell smoking weed as well,whilst not as strong as morphine it certainly helped. Im so sorry to here your in pain,its wrong.

by: Ryan

For me marijuana is really the only thing that works. Unless I'm actually in the hospital from a flare up I use marijuana because any opiate pain killers cause too many side effects and stomach problems. It really helps with most Crohn's symptoms like loss of appetite(duh, i know) cramping and digestion. I am very sick now and am about to have surgery #5. I used marijuana less than 24hrs before my last surgery and began using it immediately once I returned home. It is really the only reason I could have a life because pain killers prevent me from thinking clearly and functioning normally at school.

I've had Crohn's for 15 yrs and started using marijuana about the same amount of time. When I have to spend all day at the university, I pack a "medicated" edible in my lunch. I don't always eat them but at least once or twice a week I have terrible pain while I'm at school.

So as long as you don't have any prejudices with marijuana, i think it is much better for treating Crohn's pain and symptoms than narcotics.

It also takes away the suicidal thoughts that a lifetime of Crohn's gives me sometimes.

I hope this helps any of you out there who can relate.

pain management
by: Tod

First thing I WOULD TELL YOU IS THAT PAIN IS JUST A SIDE EFFECT. WHAT IS BEING DONE TO CONTROL THE UNDERLYING PROBLEM? Pain management is not just about the drugs (I have had Crohn's for 42 years and, believe me, I have been through every type of pain management available). It is also about the control of the disease itself. When my doctor prescribed Remicade treatments 5 years ago, my life, and my pain did a 180!
There are so many other, natural helpers, that are not narcotic or costly that DO work.
This Foum is full of alternate suggestions. Your diagnosis is new, but our disease has been around for a very long time and there are many different treatments. control the disease itself and you will control the pain!

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