building yourself up whilst suffering a flare up

by Neecie

i am having a flare up, the second this year, and cannot afford to lose any more weight, any suggestions?

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Building yourself up whilst suffering a flare up NEW
by: Annette Young


Thank you for your post. I am glad you have taken the time to write in, I can appreciate this must be a difficult time for you if you are having flare-ups.

There is no set answer unfortunately as Crohn's tends to affect people very differently but this is a common problem. Most people lose weight with this disease and are often only to regain the weight when the disease has gone into a period of remission. Some people have found that the protein shakes work for them but be careful of any shakes if they have any milk substances. I know many people with Crohn's who have found that they are also lactose intolerant. If you are fine with dairy products, then this might be useful.

The most important thing to establish is whether you are getting enough nutrients. if not, this is the area that you need to work upon. If you are suffering with chronic diarrhea or being sick, then you might find that your absorption rate is down.

Other people with similar problems tell me that they gain weight because they eat more of the foods that will not cause a problem for them and eventually, weight starts to go back on.

I would suggest you seeing a nutritionist if you can manage to as dietary advice would be really useful.

I'm sorry there is no definitive answer, it is trial and error and what works for one person may not work for you.

Best of luck,


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