Back Pain

by hubbystummyhurts

My husband recently has complained of back pain, like his kidneys are sore. Could this have something to do with his Crohn's?

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back pain
by: louise37

hi there it could be kidney stones unfortunatly chrons can cause these and gallstones I know this as I have Chrns and now also have both kidney and gallstones both of which have been caused by chrons (a statement by my gastro surgeon)

crohns back pain
by: tony

hey there how r u;i have had crohns now for about 10 yrs and yes i can hav severe dull pain towards the lower extrmities of my back. but that doesnt mean that it is the crohns although in my case i believe it is,have him checked by a specialist not a gp,just to be sure its nothing else.i hope i hav been of some help to you

back pain from crohn's is normal
by: Anonymous

Hi there
i have crohn's. i've had it for 7 years now. I did suffer from lower back pain. i went to the doctors and he said my colon was inflamed and gave these pills that worked like a charm. yes back pain is caused from crohn's. i forgot the name of the pills but have your husband see his doctor about his colon. my doctor was able to feel on the side of my tummy and it was sore. i hope this helps good luck

Back pain and Crohn's
by: Marissa

I know that when I get that cramping pain in my stomach that I get back pain as well. My lower back right around my kidneys usually gets very tight and sore. Massage usually helps me. It release some of the tension that builds up from the pain.

Re: kidney pain
by: Rachel

Back during the two years I was slowly being diagnosed, my kidney-areas really hurt. I never learned exactly what that was, but after I got my Crohns under control it magically disappeared.

Pain Like Kidneys
by: Willi

Have read where Crohn's disease can interfere with internal organs other than the intentines. But my pain turned out to be Ankylosing Spondylitis. A/S and Crohn's disease work hand in hand with many people. But sounds like questions to be asking your doctors.

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